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Yoga and pranayama to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth


Many people face hair loss as an imminent threat and painful loss irrespective of their sex. Reasons why people lose hair ranges from either drinking unhygienic water, the kind of food they eat, lifestyles issues, and improper hair care to the most prominent medical conditions.

Most of these people end up coping with their hair loss without much effort for they have no time to visit salons or even spare time for homemade hair loss remedies. However, there is one solution that takes very little time yet it leaves you in delight at the hair growth levels achieved and the reduced hair loss. The remedy in question is yoga and pranayama.

A guide to various yoga and pranayama workouts

Surya Namaskar: you might have come across Surya Namaskar in the past. It is a solution to a great range of problems. Hair loss falls under many such problems and as if that is not enough, Surya Namaskar doubles up as greying hair remedy too. However, you should first do it under an expert’s supervision before trying it at home.

Uttanasana: when it comes to uttanasana pose, it is quite self-explanatory. Of importance is its impact on hair loss reduction. Just bend down slowly and touch your toes then hold your ankles with your hands. You should then keep up the pose for some time. While you might not get the right pose the very first time, do not give up easily; keep bending your body as much as you can. For the best results, first exhale then take in a deep breath before undertaking in the pose.

Sarvangasana (the shoulder stand pose): The reason it serves as a hair loss reduction agent is its abilities to make blood flow to the brain. Lift up your body slowly and use the same pace when bringing your legs down. While it might seem hard at first, keep on trying and with time you will be good at it.

Vipritakarani: this asana aids in blood flow to the brain. Just raise your legs and keep them in a perpendicular position to the body. You should then hold up that position for some time.

Kapalbhati pranayama: it is a form of pranayama where you sit in the normal sitting position with legs folded; also referred to as a lotus pose. You should then force out your breath and breathe in softly. Maintain that routine for around five minutes continuously. At first, you might  not even manage a minute but with time, you will adapt. The method kills two birds with one stone as it reduces hair fall and gives you a flat belly as well.

Anulom Vilon: the technique is a breathing exercise too. You can sit in either standard or lotus position. Then, you should breathe in through one nose with the other blocked with the help of a finger. Do it continuously and take intermittent rests. It sounds simple but has a positive effect towards hair growth and reduced hair fall.

Halasana: Halasana is a form of asana that is a bit complicated. First, you need to get into the Vipritakrani position then the Sarvangasana and finally take both legs gently to your head and touch the ground. It is as hard as it sounds, but a few tries lead to mastery and the results are quite fulfilling.

Adho Mukha Savasana: in this form of asana, you should lie on your belly. After that, raise your body gradually and bring your hands and feet closer. Do this until you achieve an arched position. You should then hold it for a while and then let go after some time. Like the rest of the techniques, it sends blood gushing into the brain and fights hair fall.

Vajrasana: Vajrasana works best after meals. First, sit down on a mat, and then fold your legs backwards in such a way that your ankles touch your buttocks. The first few attempts leave your feet stinging but if you do it for around five minutes, you will get used easily. Thereafter, increase it to approximately fifteen minutes if you are seriously after its benefits in combating hair loss and enhancing hair growth.

Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY): here, you start with normal breathing exercises followed by abrupt breathing. The next step involves chanting OM thrice and then engaging in deep meditation. The meditation part of it reduces hair loss largely.

Bhastrika Pranayam: in this form of exercise, you follow the breathing explained in SKY above. You sit in a Vajrasana position, clench your fists lightly, and bring them beside your shoulder. Breathe in forcefully and push your hands up as you do so. When breathing out push your hands down.


The outcomes from all of the above-listed exercises are highly dependent on personal effort. If you have an expert for guidance, it is an added advantage. However, do not push it too much and always remember that yoga exercises should not bring any pain. Contact your doctor if you experience constant pains.

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