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Workout routine for women to lose weight

Weight loss can be an intimidating aspiration to women who have those extra pounds on their bodies, however losing weight is achievable if approached with the right attitude and using a proper workout routine. So what is the importance of a workout routine for women to lose weight?

A workout routine deludes you from aimless training, if you ask most women, the essence of the exercises they do, how long they do them and how many reps they do per exercise they will not answer. This is all attributed to the absence of a proper workout routine for women to lose weight. However you need not train aimlessly anymore set goals and targets you want to achieve by the end of your training. Below is a routine you can follow to lose weight and tone your body.

Efficient workout routine for women to lose weight

  1. Warm up – every workout you do should start by a warm up. Doing a warm up makes your muscles active, improves blood circulation to your muscles and most importantly prepares your brain for a workout. Warm ups need not be heavy you can start by stretching your body and proceed to jogging on the spot. Remember warm ups are not the main workout exercises so do not spend the entire time warming up. Warm up for a duration not less than 10minutes and not exceeding 15minutes.
  2. Mobility and speed movement activation – every workout for women to lose weight should have this crucial step. It involves working on your flexibility, the main exercise here is running or cycling. If you can access a treadmill, start by slow speed and increase the speed up to a level that you are comfortable, but of course do not dwell in the comfort zone, push yourself as hard as you can. If you are outdoors start by jogging around then put yourself through sprint phases. Make sure you have a chronometer to time your runs. Try to improve on each subsequent run you make. This routine can also be done by the use of a bicycle, if you have a static gym bicycle try cycling the toughest resistance as possible for the longest time. If you tire reduce the resistance to ease the tension on your muscles. On the flipside if you are outdoors cycle uphill as fast as you can to the highest point possible, then recover by cycling downhill. The duration of workout should be between 30-45 minutes.
  3. Strength training – contrary to the opinion of many people strength training for women does not turn them to be muscular like men. This is because they have fractions of testosterone which is the hormone responsible for masculinity. However strength training can be an efficient workout routine for women to lose weight. The good thing about strength training is that it cuts body fat in women in a proportional manner since most muscles work in unison. You might be wondering which the best exercises to do strength training are, if you are a beginner pick two light dumbbells preferably 5Kgs each lift them up on your shoulders and squat chest out. Squatting chest out ensures that you do not injure your back in the process. Squats help strengthen your leg muscles and are responsible for getting that hour glass shape. For cutting the extra pounds on your arms do bicep curls with the dumbbells preferably 10 reps for 6 sets continuously. Do not exceed 30 minutes on strength training.
  4. Conditioning – having done the strength training body conditioning is the next step in this workout routine for women to lose weight. Body conditioning is more or less getting your body into shape. For women it is important to focus on the stomach workouts as this is where most of the fat is stored. There are several stomach exercises that you can do without much hustle yet they are effective, one is sit up exercises which involves sitting at an angle of 90 degrees then leaning back to the floor and rising up again. Repeat this for 6 sets each 10 reps.  Another stomach workout is the leg lift, here lay flat on the ground put your hands around your hips, lift your legs up without moving your back. Repeat this for 6 sets each 10 reps. Conditioning should not take more than 30 minutes of your total workout time.
  5. Cardiovascular exercises – these are not to be confused with the warm up exercises in step 1 above. The difference between them is that you intensify the exercises here. The intension here is burning fat. So how do you go about this? Start by putting on some fast paced music to psyche you up. First try dancing to the music and keeping up to the music for as long as you can, then embark to your treadmill and set a training goal of fat loss on the display screen then start your workout. Remember you should not do intense cardiovascular exercises if you have a history of heart disease or fainting. In addition for faster results look for a training partner who you get along well with and take up the task. Cardio exercises should last at least 30 minutes.

The above routine should be done at least 4 days a week for 12 weeks for the best results.

Important tips for the routine

Don’t undertake a workout routine for women to lose weight like the one above without drinking enough water. Your body needs to be hydrated at all times for faster results.

Look for a partner with the same aspirations as you to per take this workout routine.

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