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Weight loss With Hypnosis: is it possible?

Facing up to a challenge is always the first step on the way to resolving it, and knowing you need to lose weight is especially hard, or more correctly lowering your body fat can be extremely hard. building a sensible program should in my opinion include weight loss with hypnosis, lets realise why.

After all we already know how best to lose weight; it’s just the right balance of food eaten to exercise taken, right. No false on all counts but we’ll fill in more details shortly, first it’s time to understand why weight loss with hypnosis can help increase your motivation to achieve your goal as you learn more and plan ahead. Accessing your subconscious directly through the correct and regular use of self hypnosis will allow you to create new beliefs and bypass the inhibitory thoughts that often stop you succeeding in any given challenge. Inhibiting ourselves while important can often hold us back. Finding reasons and excuses why things might not work out, or equally are too risky.

Using self hypnosis accesses your subconscious mind directly encouraging you to act on new ideas directly without inhibiting them. Strengthening your resolve via weight loss hypnosis would be a perfect idea, and lead to a new healthier you. Personally I’d wait until I felt a new positive attitude before changing my lifestyle and diet, one that supported the change. Allow weight loss hypnosis to help you with this. Only then would I plan my future approach and action it completely and allow myself to be patient and wait for the results to accumulate, the weight to reduce and the fat percentage to lower.

It’s now time to free up this subject and remove some common myths allowing you to plan ahead properly beside the weight loss with hypnosis.

For the past 300 years or so, especially in Europe, the modern concept of science was developing out of the different philosophy of the self proclaimed enlightenment. Challenging and changing forever the idea that God, through his devine right, decided the order of everything. In it’s place people felt that their own senses and experience were enough to decide what was right and appropriate. So science grew up around the idea of tightly controlled experiments, or experiences that were judged logical, and gradually new knowledge was built upon experimentation and the previous ideas of others.

When it came to weight gain and loss it was theorised that it was simply a case of over eating or not exercising enough. We the public are bombarded with messages to the effect that this simplistic theory is correct, despite it being debated over and over within scientific circles. When all said and done this theory is supported by the first law of thermodynamics, that conservation of energy; the fundamental principle of physics that the total energy of an isolated system is constant despite internal changes.

This thinking has been rejected numerous times by different groups of scientists and researchers, most importantly before the Second World War by German scientists, reasoning that their experimental results didn’t fit this outdated idea regarding weight loss. Historically the outcome of the war changed the main academic centres away from Germany to Britain and America, thereby losing their insight.

The British and Americans quickly reverted back to trying to prove that over eating and lack of exercise was behind the increasing incidence of obesity in the developed world. In effect they were trying to invent the wheel again. Why is this important to you? Well if you accept that weight gain is because you eat too many calories, then the fact you are fat is your fault, is it not, and this can only be corrected if you accept your guilt. In this case however the real truth is really different and so please reject any guilt you feel for being overweight or obese.

Let weight loss hypnosis be your starting point for a new positive mindset while you arm yourself with a plan that might very well work rathar than again experience the failure of believing an outdated idea. Did you know that scientists have repeatedly shown that semi starvation diets, never work in the long term, in fact most people regain all the weight they lost previously and in most cases gain more than their previous starting point.

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