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Waxing vs shaving, which one is better and why?

Waxing and shaving are two hair removal techniques that one can apply to remove excess hair on ones skin. In order to know which one is better it is better to explain what they are.

Waxing can be explained as the process by which molten wax is applied on the part that is to be worked on can be the legs or even hands. Then a piece of cloth is placed on top of the molten wax thus cooling it. After a short time the piece of cloth is pulled by force causing rupturing of the hair follicle, so this is what is called waxing as the force removes the unnecessary hair. Waxing can also be done using special wax strips instead of using piece of cloth.

Shaving: this is a very common term; basically one applies hair removal or shaving cream to the concerned part. Then gently one uses a razor to remove the excess hair.

From the above statements we look at various aspects that make one form of hair removal better than the other.

Removing dead cells

Waxing works well here because when the piece of cloth is removed along with the hair follows dead cells on the skin. Most people forget to remove dead cells on some parts of the skin which can result in various skin abnormalities. Therefore waxing has an added advantage of doing away with the dead cell on skin.


Although shaving in body areas such as the legs is simple, when it comes to complicated regions of the body one has to take a lot of care with the razor not to injure vital areas. But when it comes to waxing these areas it is simple and fast taking a shorter time than shaving.


The success of both hair removal methods can be assessed after some time. In shaving hair grows back after few days, but when it comes to waxing, due to the fact that the hair follicle was removed in the process. It takes some time to grow resulting in hair also taking some time to grow. This can last from between 3 to 9 weeks. Therefore waxing is long lasting.


When waxing the pain is felt at that moment the strips are removed but after some hours the pain subsidizes and one goes back to normal. With shaving the application of the razor to and from in a particular area causes friction resulting in a burn feeling that may cause one to scratch the area leading to discomfort and even swelling. Shaving leaves the skin dry and itchy.


Although waxing session is expensive the resulting effect is a long while without the need for hair removal. In shaving the hair removal cream can be cheap to buy but will have to buy continuously as hair grows back after few days.

Risk of injury

Waxing can result in the releasing of some blood due to the rapture of the follicle but that’s just it. Shaving can result in deep cuts as one is using a sharp razor. Imagine a cut on the neck or check which may take weeks to heal.  Therefore the risk of cuts does not arise from waxing, leaving waxing to be a safer option as no pieces of metal involved.


Nowadays the waxing strips are stocked in many departmental stores. One can purchase the kit and do it at their on convenience.


Waxing is natural as the wax used comes from nature, it is herbal but in shaving the creams used are chemical in nature which can have a lasting effect on ones skin.

After effects

Dead cells from the skin are ripped as the hair is being removed this results in the glowing and smoothening of the skin. Waxing results in a smother skin. Shaving can cause after shave bumps and also sometimes the blade does not cut the hair evenly leaving some pieces behind.  Shaving can also cause undergrowth as some hair grows beneath the skin rather than above. This leaves dark marks on the skin from outside.

Another after effect is the reduction of hair growth through waxing. This is a plus because continued waxing and rupturing of the hair follicle may result in the hair growing thinner and weaker and eventually hair may stop growing in those unwanted areas. Here waxing proves to have lasing effects.

From the above points it is wise to say waxing as a form of hair removal is far much better than shaving. In terms of cost, effectiveness, side effects, risk of injury, closeness to nature among others. Waxing has an upper hand. Therefore waxing is highly recommended than shaving which apart from having a lot of risks involved, it is tiring, it is a temporary solution, has an effect on the skin and can be costly too.

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