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Unbelievable benefits & uses of cucumber

Cucumber is one of the earliest grown crops, believed to have first been grown in India. Many people have come across the cucumber, however not many are aware of the benefits of this amazing vegetable. The cucumber is ideally a creeper crop scientifically belonging to the Cucurbitaceous family, Cucumis sativus is its scientific name. Nutritionists have placed the crop in the class of super foods because of the many health benefits it can offer to its consumers.

Unlike the believes of many the plant is very easy to grow and it can be grown in various colours, size and shapes it has a dark green skin coupled with rich flesh and edible small seeds inside. In order to reap the most benefits from the cucumber it should be harvested while it is young just before it achieves maturity. The cucumber is has a sweet flavour and in most instances it is used raw on salads, juices and sandwiches. As mentioned earlier the crop has many benefits and uses. Let us explore some of those.

Benefits and uses of cucumber

  1. Cucumbers are good for brain health,this is important to people who are aging and have noticed signs of their brain failing to deliver for example through memory loss. Fistin and flavonol are types of anti-inflmatories that are contained in cucumbers that that improve your brain health. In addition they are key to boosting your memory and preventing nerves from succumbing to the effects of aging.
  2. Cucumbers reduce cancer risk, cancer is a dreadful illness that has taken our generation by surprise with many succumbing to the unforgiving disease. However cucumbers have a way around cancer, they have polyphenols which help in lowering the various forms of cancer in the world today for example prostate, breast and throat cancer. They are also endowed with nutrients scientists have named cucurbitacins which have anti-cancer properties that shield you from this dreaded disease. If you have been worried about the risk of getting cancer, there you have it the cucumber way is the healthy way.
  3. Cucumbers cure the dark circles under your eyes, this is a major beauty concern among most people. The dark circles that normally appear under the eyes make us look older and un attractive. If for a while you have wanted to get rid of these unwanted circles cucumber is the solution you have been looking for. Cut two slices of cucumber and put them on your eyes while lying down and let the cucumber juice flow around them. The juice helps cure tired eyes especially for people who have to stare at computer screens for a long time.
  4. Cucumber has antioxidant qualities, antioxidants contained in cucumber include Vitamin C. Cucumber also has antioxidant such as luteoninand querecitin which are natural anti histamines. This means that if you are allergic to something for example dust you can use cucumber to heal your allergy.  The antioxidants are also key to fighting chronic diseases such as cancer in the body.
  5. Cucumbers can freshen your breath, in today’s world having bad breath is considered unprofessional and irritating. Bad breath can cost a job or a relationship it is a catastrophe in its own right. However if you have bad breath you can use cucumber to improve on it. Put a slice of cucumber inside your mouth on the roof just behind the incisors teeth. The cucumber will fight odor causing bacteria in your mouth leaving your breath crispy fresh.
  6. Cucumber can help you manage stress, this might sound unbelievable it is true. Stress in people is caused by anxiety and uncertainty that something bad might happen. Cucumbers contain several types of vitamin B which include B1, B5 and B7. These vitamins have been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety in the human body. This way you can ease off your day long stress by taking a glass of cucumber.
  7. Cucumbers help your digestive health, it is normal to hear people complain of digestive complications, related to bloating and acidity. Cucumbers contain fibre and water in them which are basic elements needed for a healthy digestion. The insoluble fibre in your stool bulks your stool assisting food to move in a healthy way through the digestive tract.
  8. Cucumbers help you maintain healthy weight, cucumbers are not rich in calories in fact a whole sliced cup of cucumber has 16calories. The fibre in the cucumber helps you feel satisfied for a long time which helps in weight control.

If you are looking for a healthy ingredient to add up to your diet you should go for the cucumber. You can easily grow this magic crop in your backyard because it does not need a lot of specialities to grow and in a short while you could be among the world’s healthiest population.

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