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The fastest way to lose weight

Many overweight people around the world wonder how to lose weight the fastest way. Over the years, so-called “experts” have recommended a wide range of things that people can do to lose weight quickly. Many say that the best thing to do is to diet – minimize the amount of food that you consume so that the body can utilize the fat that it already has stored. Others recommend diet pills and a host of other chemicals that they purport help with weight loss. The truth is that until you understand what causes weight gain in the first place you will never know how to lose weight the fastest way.

The story about weight gain goes back about 60 or 70 years, just as the commercial world discovered that sugar could be put into almost everything. Back then, people consumed it in moderate amounts and it was only in few products like confectionery and sweets. In addition to that, people were rather active – people had to walk to get to work and their daily lives kept them out and about on their feet – cars were few and far between. Then sugar came into the picture. Manufactures discovered that by adding it to anything and everything they could influence consumers. You see, they had discovered that they could get you to buy things if they made them taste better with sugar. They even filled products with sugar and made them not taste sweet. And that is when the word started to get fat.

Today, sugar is in 80% of all products that are found in supermarkets. You won’t even know that you are consuming it. Ketchup, for instance, contains enough sugar to fill a quarter of the bottle. Mayonnaise is not bad for you because it contains a lot of fat – it is bad for you because it contains a lot of sugar. You may be asking whether all this has been scientifically proven. As a matter of fact it has. Experiment after experiment has been conducted and it has been proven that sugar is the reason why most people are fat today. In fact, scientists have been able to prove that sugar is more addictive that cocaine – lab rats, when given the choice between sugar and cocaine choose coke over and over again.

So how to lose weight really fast?

As you may be guessing by now, the only solution is to eliminate sugar from your diet. You have to be smart about it – don’t look for the obvious sugar. Look for the kind that manufacturers hide by calling it all kinds of names. You will find names like sucrose, fructose and high fructose corn syrup among others. You have to avoid products that contain all kinds of sugar. But when you take into account that 80% of all products contain sugar, won’t that limit you to very few foods?

Not really; if you started eating from the farm rather than the supermarket then you would have a very wide variety of fresh, sugar free, health and delicious food. Buy lean proteins such as beef, chicken and fish. Eat more eggs – contrary to popular belief, they are healthy and full of nutrition. Eat things like oatmeal for breakfast instead of your usual cereal – it has too much sugar. Make sure that you eat at least five portions of fruit and veggies every day – not only are they highly nutritious, they are also a rich source of fiber. In fact, if you can juice a large portion of vegetables and a small portion of fruit every day you will detox your system and avoid common illnesses.

What else should you be doing to lose weight quickly?

Recent research has shown that eating right is not enough if you want to lose weight. You also have to make sure that you get enough sleep. In this world where there is hardly time, many people get too little sleep. Not only can this lead to stress and anxiety, you will also gain additional weight.

Working out is also critical for your health. It keeps your body in shape and it also helps your heart to stay strong. As you can see, the question of how to lose weight the fastest way is not as complicated as many think. All you have to do is make adjustments to your lifestyle.

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