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Self hypnosis for weight loss

To many people, trying to lose weight can be a constant struggle and a source of frustration no matter how great your will power is. There are so many ways that can be used to lose weight including self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis for weight loss is a perfect and efficient tool and an extra source of motivation and determination that keep you moving towards your main goal.

It helps you to get rid of the many food traps that usually cause weight gain. It plays a big role in re-educating your unconscious mind of the specific parts that normally creates cravings and impulses. It is only your real and permanent change of your lifestyle that greatly helps in losing weight, thus the need to have a positive consciousness which is usually build through self-hypnosis.

Our automatic behavior

Choosing to overeat or eating unhealthy diet is an automatic behavior that is usually stored in your subconscious mind. Such behavior cannot be accessed with consciousness and cannot be changed at will. It can only be overcome through a great input of will power which can be achieved even over a short period of time depending on how much conscious effort you put up.

The main default to weight loss is stored in your subconscious mind and no matter how hard you work on your conscious effort and will power, subconscious mind will continuously disturb you and interfere with your weight loss objective. However, using self-hypnosis techniques for weight loss helps you to re-program your subconscious mind to enable your body lose the extra weight. As a result, your brain will adjust your physical energy, metabolic rate as well as your appetite.

Benefits from hypnosis

Self hypnosis for weight loss has a host of benefits such as helping you to visualize yourself as lean, attractive and fit. It also make you eat healthier, feel relaxed, confident and in control. Weight loss-controlling hormones are also activated and helps you feel eat more regularly while feeling full even with a few bites.

During the self-hypnosis process, you are able to experience deep relaxation response in your body and great amount of floe of oxygen to your brain which helps in reducing heart rate and blood pressure. Research has shown other benefits such as less allergies, better vision, uninterrupted sleep, re-balance of your immune system, reduced intensity and frequency of headaches and among others.

Ultimate tips for you

The following are some of the ultimate tips that will help you get rid of extra weight through self-hypnosis.

  • Be motivated. Think of your main goal, that is, to lose weight and cultivate a positive attitude towards it. Weight loss motivation helps you to practice self-hypnosis more often and enables you to do it the right way. Motivation is a key towards your success, and you should not allow anything to disrupt you. Note that self-hypnosis work better for people who are greatly motivated.
  • Relaxing is paramount. Hypnosis is a human mind status that is natural and is actually similar to daydreaming. Relaxation is part of the self-hypnosis process which is meant to relax your body muscles. How you cultivate your relaxation depends on where you are, for instance, you may find a quiet place, sit in a chair and take a deep breath while inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  • Avoid liking snacks. Self-relaxation is a prior step which normally happens a few days before you move to another step. The next step is to learn how to stop liking snacks. Develop a negative attitude towards them by even telling yourself how bad there are or how tasteless they are. Doing this helps you to feel the unpleasantness and the unattractiveness of the snacks to your guts and stomach.
  • Learn to be a slim master. Guide yourself in maintaining your lean body. Encourage yourself to live a healthy lifestyle by knowing and taking the best and healthy food. You can as well go through nice food such as fruit, vegetables, fish and others in your mind. This will tune you to think of them whenever you are eating.

In general, self-hypnosis helps in breaking the patterns and habits of poor eating and makes you to take control of your hunger and weight. Taking a psychological approach with hypnosis assists in dealing with hidden patterns of bad eating and makes you maintain a healthy weight in a natural and easy way.


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