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Protein shakes before or after a workout for weight loss?

One of the biggest questions body builders and gym frequenters ask is how much protein shake one should have? Protein shakes for weight loss are great for muscle build up and recovery, however, using them in a way not intended can lead to serious problems. So how safe can you be with these supplement shakes and still feel great after or before any work out?

Protein shakes for weight loss are completely safe, provided they are consumed as recommended by a nutritionist or training experts. The biggest complication they can bring is stomach discomforts e.g. feeling bloated or constipated. Exercising on a troubled stomach is not the best motivation out there, which is why you should stay safe and use it the right way.

Taking Protein Shakes Before Working Out

When considering a glass of protein shake before working out, it’s best to accompany it with food. It could be heavy breakfast or a simple snack like a bagel, apple or fruit salad. A mistake most people make having a glass of protein shake before, then eat just before going to the gym. Making this error leaves you with a lot of abdominal discomfort, ruining your exercise mood all together.

Protein shakes for weight loss are great when taken hours before a work out. They can also be taken just before going to the gym because they are a great source of energy; energy you will definitely need when lifting weights. Just make sure to either have the shake with food or don’t eat after taking the shake.

Taking Protein Shakes after a Workout

Protein shakes for weight loss are completely harmless when taken after a workout too. They actually help replenish the energy that was lost when working out thus speeding up your recovery period. Because they are a rich source of L-glutamine amino acid, they will speed up muscle cell growth as well, in the process boosting recovery too.

The amino acids in protein shakes for weight loss are absorbed faster into the body compared to consuming meat or dairy products. This is why nutritionists advise body builders to take a full glass about 30 minutes after a heavy exercising. The amino acids get absorbed faster into the body generating a refreshing feeling in you even before having your main meal.

So Which Way Forward?

The decision is up to you whether to supplement with protein shake before or after exercising. Some may decide to have it both ways but the real question here is how much of the supplement does your body require? Like beef or eggs, having too much than the body needs constitutes to wastage.

The real answer is, it depends with the intensity of your work out; having twice the servings of protein shakes for weight loss is advisable for those undergoing strenuous workouts each day. A glass of protein supplement shake before and after working out is beneficial for endurance exercises like long distance runners and weight lifters. On the other hand, if you only work out for an hour or just do a jog in the morning, just one glass of protein shake is enough to supplement with glutamine. It is important to understand the intensity of workouts you are undergoing so you don’t end up wasting precious proteins.

Then there is the question of time for supplementing—when is best, before or after? According to norm, protein shakes are best when taken after a session of heavy exercising. The common belief is the quick recovery period and the chance to replace catabolized muscle tissue faster. However, there is a new school of thought that strongly advocates for pre-protein shake supplementing.

Advantages of Pre-Workout Protein Shake Consumption

To begin with, proteins shakes for weight loss are directly absorbed into the body. They immediately get picked up by muscles, which are then broken down by oxidation while working out. This way, your real muscle is not broken down which means you may not even need a recovery period after all! The amino acids from protein shakes act as a shield coating to your real muscle.

Another good benefit is that protein synthesis begins before and not after a gym session. Because there is less breaking down of real muscle, more protein is retained in the body. This boosts your amino acid intake a notch higher ensuring you achieve results faster than before.

With a body packed full of amino acids before hitting the tread mill, there is enough fuel in the body to burn calories faster. As the amino acids are broken down into energy, this boosts body power to rapidly burn calories while weight lifting. Then finally there is the fat burning bonus you get when consuming protein shakes for weight loss. These shakes have a special component known as BCAA that are responsible for speeding up fat oxidation when on an intense exercise session. This trick will work best when you are on a low-carb diet because glycogen are in low quantities in the body hence boost the process of fat oxidation.

A Precaution to Remember

While taking protein shakes for weight loss, avoid mixing them with dairy products rich in fat content. Skimmed milk is the best to use when having your protein shake. Additionally, watch out for those shakes with high calorie content; read the ingredient label before purchasing the supplement.

Protein shakes for weight loss are recommended for before or after heavy training sessions. It all depends on whether one understands the intensity of their workout, and how best to consume the product to avoid discomforts.

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