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Most effective ways to handle anxiety attacks / panic attacks

Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks can be debilitating. For people who suffer from these problems they are serious issues that can have a major impact upon their quality of life. Some people have specific triggers, for others a panic attack just comes out of nowhere. Suddenly they are filled with a feeling of dread. They feel trapped, their heart pounds, they begin to feel as if death and doom are inevitable.

In many cases people with severe panic attacks end up heading to the emergency room over and over again as they fear that certain death is coming for them. Because of how impactful anxiety issues can be it’s important that people who suffer from them find ways to treat them and control them.

While many people turn to medication for help, being dependent upon a drug for the rest of your life is not an ideal way to live. Instead you should look into finding natural ways to control your anxiety so that it doesn’t control you.

Use Meditation And Breathing To Slow Things Down

While there are some physiological processes involved in anxiety attacks, they are largely influenced by psychological issues. This means that you do have a degree of control over your anxiety, and you can take steps to learn to control it better. One of the first steps that you should take is to learn how to use meditation.

This doesn’t mean that you need to get out candles and sit there humming in the dark. Instead it means that you need to learn how to use breathing and other techniques to help calm your mind. Meditation is all about using breathing to slow things down, and to gain a better perspective.

When you meditate you should work to find inner calm and recognize that the anxiety that you are feeling has no real cause. You should tell yourself that this is only your anxiety, and that there is nothing physical wrong with you. Once you learn to recognize that an anxiety attack is coming on you will then be able to use mediation to help to stop it in it’s tracks.

Exercise Reduces Stress And Helps To Control Anxiety

Exercise releases endorphins which helps to promote a feeling of happiness and well being. This is one of the main reasons that regular exercise is so good for controlling anxiety. One of the best exercises that you can do to help control stress and anxiety is Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that use balance poses and breathing to help you to gain strength and flexibility. More importantly it also helps to calm your mind and give you the ability to relax. Practitioners of Yoga have a greater ability to control their emotions, which can be extremely beneficial for someone who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks.

In order to get the best benefits from Yoga you should do a routine a few times a week. Yoga isn’t something that you can do on the spot to stop an anxiety or panic attack. Instead you should use it on a regular basis to promote a sense of well being to help prevent anxiety issues from arising.

Talk To Others About Your Anxiety

Trying to get a handle on anxiety by yourself is difficult if not impossible. Because anxiety strikes in your mind, your mind can in fact be viewed as the enemy. To combat this enemy you need to open up to the people closest to you. Explain to them that you have anxiety issues or panic attacks, and talk to them about how they make you feel.

Make sure that you talk to people that you trust so that when you feel an attack coming on you have someone to turn to. Another option you might want to consider is joining a support group. If you don’t have time to make it to regular meetings there are also online support groups and forums where you can talk to others like yourself that are struggling with anxiety. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t try to fight this battle on your own.

How do you fight an enemy that strikes from within, and often without warning? How do you fight something that can take over your life and cause you to spin out of control? You do it by accepting that you have a problem and then planning on how to combat it.

You find a variety of methods that you can use to both control anxiety and prevent attacks from happening in the first place. By learning to use meditation, regular exercise, and the support of others, you can learn to control anxiety instead of letting it control you.

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