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How to work out to lose weight fast

Losing weight might be your year’s resolution, however you may be finding it difficult to do so. When you listen to people around the most common remedy they recommend to losing weight is working out. You may have tried this suggestion but you are not seeing the results you want, maybe you are still seeing your pot belly as conspicuous as ever. Try these tips below on how to work out to lose weight fast.

1.     Start doing morning sprints, sprints are more effective than jogs if you want to lose weight fast. If you live near a hill, try sprinting up the hill and jogging down slowly. If you do this for 30minutes daily for a fortnight you will experience positive changes on your weight.

2.     Integrate swimming in your workout, if you want to work out and lose weight fast, you should love the pool. Swimming exercises the whole body uniformly as many muscles are involved in the activity. When in the pool swim using the breast stroke style at medium to top speed for faster results.

3.     Strength training, you can lose as much as 1000 calories in an hour of strength training. Weight lifting exhausts the body and keeps your heart beat high. Don’t shy off from the gym if you aspire to lose weight fast.

4.     Cycling, determined to work out and lose weight fast? Buy that bicycle, you can burn as much as 1000 calories within an hour of medium to fast cycling. You can alternate cycling with morning sprints for timely results.

5.     Dancing, it is a fun way to work out and lose weight fast. For the best results use fast paced music and try to keep up with the beat for at least an hour with 2 minutes break in every half an hour. Dancing can burn up to 800 calories every hour. If dancing is your hobby maximize on it to help you lose weight fast.

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