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How to whiten teeth? Tips and homemade teeth whiteners

Most people are worried about a yellow smile, in as much as teeth discolouration may be as a result of aging you have to be alive to the fact that teeth discolouration can also be as a result of poor eating habits and lifestyle of course which is something you can change.

However if you are keen enough to look peoples smiles have gotten whiter and whiter in the recent past.  Today people want a smile that illuminates the room, a smile so bright that it is naturally distractive. It is not unusual to see celebrities, news anchors going for teeth whitening procedures in order to meet their specifications.

Have you ever paused to think about the whiteness of your teeth? If you have you might have been concerned that their colour does not compliment your personality. Well the good news is that you can reverse the yellowness of your teeth right from the comfort of your home. More over the home procedures are easy and they use readily available ingredients.

The advantage of homemade remedies for teeth whitening is that they are chemical free, they do not contain radicals that lead to chronic diseases such as cancer and most certainly you do not have to over draw your bank account to get the get these remedies.

Today you can start your journey to having snow white teeth right from home by using the following tips and homemade teeth whiteners.

Tips on how to whiten teeth using homemade teeth whiteners

  1. Eat as much strawberries, strawberries have vitamin C and an enzyme called malic acid, which research has revealed that they can help whiten teeth. The malic acid in strawberries helps in removing surface stains on your teeth and vitamin C is essential to washing the plaque.  So how do you go about this homemade remedy? Take a substantial amount of strawberries and mash them, use the thick paste together with your tooth paste and you will notice the positive results. Chewing the berries is also a viable option however as you chew them allow them to do the brushing on their own by chewing them slowly.
  2. Lemon and baking soda, probably you have heard of this remedy it is one of the earliest and most popular home remedies for teeth whitening.The reaction between the citrus in lemon and baking soda has proven to have a whitening effect. You can use these ingredients separately but when used together the effects are more pronounced. However it is important to take precautions while using this remedy,  brush with this solution only once every 7 days as it has been found to where away the enamel of the tooth  frequently. In the event you feel some irritation discontinue using the remedy as the baking soda is too abrasive for your gums. If you have a gum problem try other solutions. So how do you go about it? Take a small bowl and put a little baking soda and add juice from a fresh lemon. You will notice some bubbling in the mixture this shouldn’t worry you, pick some cotton or cloth and wipe out excess saliva from your teeth then brush using the mixture. Maintain the mixture on your tooth for around 60 seconds then brush it off slowly and gently using a tooth brush. Do not overstay the mixture on your tooth as the acid can erode the tooth’s enamel.
  3. Eat vegetables and crunchy fruits, crunch fruits such as pears, apples and even veggies like carrots act as a tooth brush for your teeth. By simply chewing them it is possible to remove the excess particles of food from your teeth and bacteria that causes teeth discolouration. Crunchy fruits such as apples contain malic acid which is essential for keeping your teeth white by removing surface stains. Hence its double benefit for your teeth if you eat veggies and fruits.
  4. Oil pulling, this is a relatively unknown home remedy for teeth whitening which originated from India and it is used to enhance oral health. Oil pulling is inexpensive harmless and simple. How do you go about oil pulling? Take a tablespoon of organic oil which is pure in nature gaggle it in your mouth for a period not exceeding 15-20 minutes. Swish the oil around your mouth through pulling it through the teeth sipping, and sucking. After this process spit the oil and rinse your mouth with clean a litre of clean purified water.
  5. Eat cheese, cheese helps you avoid tooth decay and goes further to mineralize your enamel, which keeps it looking brighter and cleaner. The enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth and it determines teeth color.

There you have it, you no longer have to worry about the yellow smile. Integrate the above home remedies in your daily routine, and yours could be the next success story.

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