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How to use protein shakes to lose weight


When it comes to how to use protein shakes to lose weight, you ought to follow the right procedures otherwise, you do not even get close to achieving your goal. In a world where protein powders get used even in gyms, you cannot afford to get left out. The truth is that even properly conducted workouts still need enhancers for the ultimate result. That said, many people have protein powders in their homes and those without can quickly access them. Nonetheless, the main question is whether you know the content of your protein powder since that largely determines its effectiveness in helping you lose weight.

Choosing the right protein shake

While labels may sugarcoat the efficiency of products, all of them are the same. Whether from whey, soy, or hemp, the fact is that all have protein as the main component. Therefore, adding a few extra bucks does not guarantee quality. One would ask what I should look for. First, you should go through various review sites to have an idea of the levels of satisfaction among previous buyers. Such sites are also helpful in terms of breaking down the content found in the products. Based on the data found, you can write down a list of the most suitable products.

Right timing for satisfactory results

After purchasing the product of your choice, the dilemma lies in when to prepare and take the protein shakes for effective weight loss. No need to worry, here is a guideline on how to use protein shakes to lose weight.

Replacing meals: take, for instance, people who have busy schedules and cannot set aside time for breakfast. Others opt to skip breakfast thinking that it will help in losing weight; little do they know the health effects. For such kind of people, a quick fix of protein shake accompanied by a serving of vegetables, healthy fats, and fruit is highly advisable. Men should take in, two scoops of protein powder mixed with almond milk, water or regular milk. 1-2 cups of vegetables and two tablespoons of healthy fat should accompany that. For women, one scoop of all the listed components is enough, and the shake can get mixed with the help of either almond milk, water or regular milk. The difference in the male and female diet lies in the different body compositions. However, it is important to note that the previously male-dominated protein shake use is now open to women as well.

After workouts: recovery is crucial after a workout session. Over the years, it got realized that taking a protein shake immediately after workouts helps in the increment of muscles and strength gain. However, this is not compulsory, and it depends on your protein intake and if you took a protein shake before workout or not. Generally, protein shakes digest faster than whole foods, and that makes them suitable.

Right protein shake combination for right results

Here is yet another important part with regards to how to use protein shakes to lose weight. Now that you know when to take in your shake, here are the requirements of that shake. First, it should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and additional fibers and Omega 3 gets recommended. As said earlier, you can boost your shake with vegetable or fruit. If you keep up your calorie intake at around 500 less per day, you get assured of at least one pound loss per week. Meanwhile, you should regulate your carbohydrate intake and take part in workouts for best outcomes. Take note, though; do not mix your protein with juice; stick to the mixers listed above.

One may ask why it is imperative that they add fibers to the shake. The fiber helps keep hunger at bay and controls blood sugar effectively. They achieve this by absorbing water and expand in the stomach for a fullness effect. Therefore, around 25 grams of fiber works especially since you will be cutting down on carbohydrate intake. Some of the fibers worth considering include psyllium, glucomannan, or chia seeds. As for the Omega 3, it helps slow down the digestion process. Flax oil, fish oil, and chia seeds are an excellent source. As a result, your protein shake has more staying power, and you feel full for longer. The Omega 3 also comes with insulin resistance as an added advantage. Thus, fat storage gets inhibited through faster fat burning processes.

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