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How to use meal replacement shakes to lose weight

Since the advent of meal replacement shakes many people have been choosing them over other weight loss plans. These shakes have been shown to be effective in many cases, but, as with all diets, certain other factors need to be taken into consideration. So, lets examine how to do it.

You need to watch calorie intake

It is all very well and fine to use meal replacement shakes if you are consuming less calories than you are burning. In this case they will work.

But if you do very little exercise and consume high calorie shakes, then the matter of how to use meal replacement shakes to loose weight becomes an issue. In this case, you will put on, rather than lose weight.

You can’t just use shakes

When considering how to lose weight, many are tempted to replace all their meals with shakes. You can’t get enough nutrients form just using shakes. So, using meal replacement shakes to lose weight is possible when coupled with a few balanced eating tips. You can have a shake for breakfast and lunch.

As breakfast determines how much you eat for the rest of the day it is very important that you have some sort of breakfast in the morning. But the average shake should contain between 200 -300 calories. Twice a day, this will equal 400 – 600 calories.

Hardly enough for the whole day. Therefore, have about two healthy snacks in between meals, and a good, balanced meal at night.

Watch what else you eat

How to lose weight using meal replacement shakes also means that when you eat, be sensible and eat low fat meats, vegetables and small amounts of carbohydrates.

If you can follow these tips, it would be an easy conundrum to work out.

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