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How to speed up metabolism to lose weight

Your metabolism is the speed at which your food is digested absorbed and assimilated into your body. Inefficient metabolism can cause an increase in your body weight. That being said it is not abnormal to be concerned about your weight as being overweight can lead to health complications. Losing weight is basically a function of the speed of your metabolism. If you are concerned about how to speed up your metabolism and lose weight here are several tips you can start using today.

Tips on how to how to speed up metabolism to lose weight

  1. Eat definite food portions at regular intervals to speed up your metabolism, skipping meals or eating at irregular intervals can lead to weight gain. When you skip a meal let’s say breakfast you build up hunger pangs and end up consuming more lunch. Take small portions of meals on intervals of 3-4 hours daily to lose weight quickly and naturally. The advantage of eating food in regular intervals is it gives your body time to digest the food and assimilate it in the body in an efficient way. People who eat at irregular intervals accumulate more weight because not all food is digested efficiently. Regular eating speeds up your metabolism helping you lose weight.
  2. Be more active by exercising, exercising speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight. If you have never exercised before you can use the following routine.Start by doing a warm up exercise then proceed tomobility and speed movement activation exercise a key workout to speed up your metabolism and lose weight. You can go for a run in this step. Always make sure you break a sweat from your exercises Walking is also a good way to boost your metabolism, avoid driving for distances less than 0.5km as this will make you lazy. If you can run over these distances the better, running is a faster way to boost your metabolism and lose weight. Dancing is also an efficient exercise to boost your metabolism and lose weight. When in the house play a fast paced tone and keep up to the beat until you break a sweat. In addition swimming is an efficient exercise to speed your metabolism and lose weight.
  3. Control calories and carbs in your diet,high amount of these will slow down your metabolism. Carbs take a longer time to digest and most are stored in the body as fats.A low carb diet will most certainly reduce your weight. However the question still remains, to lose weight how many carbs a day should you include in your diet? After extensive research, nutrition scientists recommend that you should average your daily carb intake to 130 grams.  Your calorie intake also determines your metabolic rate.  The amount of calories you eat should be less than the amount of calories your body burns so as to speed up your metabolic rate.
  4. Processed foods slow metabolism, most people processed foods since they save time on cooking, some processed foods contain unsaturated fats which will hinder you from speeding your metabolism and losing weight. Processed foods take a greater deal of time to digest because of the complexity of their chemical structures. To speed you’re your body metabolism and lose weight consider replacing these processed foods with their healthy alternatives such as fruits and vegetables. Next time you feel thirsty do not go for that soda, on the flipside visit your nearest grocer and get a juicy mango. Fruits help secrete the necessary digestive enzymes that are key to boosting your metabolism.
  5. Say no to fatty foods, fats have a more complex chemical structure that requires a great deal of time to be digested. It is advisable to limit the fat intake in your diet. Precisely if you are planning to have beef for dinner avoid the fatty fat and eat the lean areas. Use less cooking fat as you prepare your meals to reduce the amount of fat in your food. As a substitute for fat concentrate on a vegetarian diet that is supplemented with fruits. Of course your body needs fats but you can go for the health fats for example fatty fish but also this should not be in excess.

To lose weight you need to speed up your metabolism, and hopefully the above tips will help you achieve this.

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