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How to make shakes to lose weight

Shakes are becoming very fashionable and one of the reasons is that they are great for weight loss. Only one problem though – how do you make a healthy shake? This is a serious issue because just as much as shakes can be used to lose weight they can also lead to a lot of weight gain if they are not made right.

How to make shakes?

To understand why it can go both ways with shakes you have to understand the role that fruits play. They make your shakes sweeter but they are also a sugar delivery mechanism. The more fruit you put into your shakes the more sugar you consume. Sugar is turned into fat and stored in your body.

So the best way to make healthy shakes is to include lots of vegetables and just a small portion of fruits. You should consume the fruit whole – you will not be consuming much sugar that way. You can require 3 apples to make a shake, for instance, but is doubtful that you can eat that many if you eat them whole; you will most likely feel full after the first one.

Are there specific recommended veggies?

Not really, it is all up to what you like and what is available. You should try and experiment with different combos and see what they taste like. Eventually, you will end up with a few recipes that you can rotate. Rotating is important so that you can enjoy the benefits of many different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about shakes is that they take a very short time to make and you can store them for some time without losing their nutritional value. You should make shakes that can last 2 days – just throw a few ice cubes in, cover and put in the fridge.

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