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How to lose weight without exercise

You can learn how to lose weight without exercise if you are willing to learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices.  When many people are planning a weight loss routine the first thing that they often think about is exercising.  They start to plan out their schedule so that they can make time for the gym, and exercise becomes a part of their busy lives.  But what if you don’t have time to exercise on a regular basis and you still need to lose weight? What if you just don’t like to exercise, or if you are physicall incapable due to a disability or injury?

Does this mean that you are simply going to have to learn to live with an overweight body that you aren’t happy with? The good news is the answer to this is no.  Many people make the mistake of associating exercise as being the most important aspect of a weight loss plan.  The reality is that a proper diet is the most important part of losing weight.  Ideally you should use a combination of diet and exercise in order to reach your weight loss goals.  However if you can’t, or don’t want to exercise, then you can lose weight with dieting alone.

It’s All About Creating A Calorie Deficit

Losing weight is a numbers game when it comes to calories.  When you eat food you are putting calories into your body to give it the energy it needs to do everything from breathing to checking your social media account on your smart phone.  Without the energy that we get from calories we wouldn’t be able to survive very long.  The problem that people run into when they begin to pack on the pounds is that they are consuming an excess amount of calories.  When you consume more calories than you need then your body stores these calories as fat.

In the past fat was a necessary part of our survival.  Our ancestors couldn’t head to a drive thru to get a burger whenever they got hungry, they had to hunt and gather food.  Because of this we evolved the ability to store excess calories as body fat so that we could survive for longer when we didn’t have a ready food source.  The problem with this is that in this day and age food is everywhere.  We can easily get up and get something to eat whenever hunger arises.  Because of this we never tap into our fat reserves, which leads to obesity.

Tapping Into Your Fat Reserves

The fat that you hate that clings to your midsection and other parts of your body is there for a reason.  It’s an emergency fuel source.  If you want to lose weight then you need to force your body to tap into that fuel source.  You do this by creating a calorie deficit.  A calorie deficit occurs when you are using more calories each day than you are taking in.  By cutting out the unhealthy foods you are eating, and replacing them with natural, and healthier choices, you can go a long way to creating this calorie deficit.

The key to succeeding at this is to find foods that are filling, nutritious, and still low in calories.  A diet high in lean protein is a great place to start since protein gives you energy, keeps your muscles strong, keeps you feeling full, and is low in calories.  Eating lots of green leafy vegetables is also a great addition to your weight loss diet.  Green leafy vegetables are very healthy, and even more importantly they are very low in calories and have a lot of volume.  You can eat several plates of green leafy vegetables each day and still lose weight.

Putting It All Together

While the best way to lose weight will always be a combination of diet and exercise, it isn’t the only way.  By being smart, and making healthy dieting choices you can create a calorie deficit witout ever going for a jog or picking up a dumbell.  It won’t always be easy, but eating right can make losing weight very simple.

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