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How to lose weight with slow metabolism

We hear people blaming slow metabolism all the time for their weight gain. They want to know how to lose weight with slow metabolism. The truth is that it is only in very rare medical cases when slow metabolism causes weight gain, such as in individuals who have Cushing’s disease or an underactive thyroid. In most cases, weight gain is as a result of lifestyle choices. It can largely be blamed on what we eat and the amount of physical activities that we subject our bodies to.

What is metabolism?

It is the natural process through which the food that we eat is converted into energy. The food that we consume contains calories. The calories are the ones that are converted into energy. When some of these calories are not required for energy they are stored as fat. The more of them that are stored the more overweight one becomes.

Not all energy is used in physical activity. There are some background processes that require energy even when we are asleep. This includes digestion and blood circulation. Your metabolism will be determined by 3 things – the size of your body (men have a higher metabolism than women because they are bigger), your sex (men, again have higher metabolism because they have less body fat) and your age (the older you get the more muscle is turned into fat which causes lower metabolism).

So what is the best way to lose weight with slow metabolism?

The first thing that you should look at is your diet. What do you consume on a daily basis? Make a list starting today of everything that you eat and how much of it you eat. After a week, take your list and then look for all the items that contain sugar. Don’t look for the obvious – manufacturers are now using all kinds of fancy names to hide it in products. If you find many products that contain sugar then therein lies your problem – you are overweight because of all the sugar that you are consuming. When sugar is digested it is turned into fat and if the fat is not used up as energy it accumulates in the body.

A lot of foods that are contained in America today contain sugar – about 80% of all food in supermarkets. If you want to lose weight you have to be very careful about what you eat. You should aim for farm food rather than supermarket, processed foods. In addition to that you should be drinking a lot of water and eating more fruits and vegetables. As for carbohydrates, there are many healthy ones that you can choose from.

Are there things that slow down metabolism?

Yes, there are indeed some things that will make your food be digested at a slower rate.

  • Eating too little. This is very common in people who are looking to lose weight – they starve themselves in the hope that they will slim down. When you do this you slow down your metabolism. You should eat just enough to make you feel full.
  • Not drinking enough tea is another mistake. The caffeine in tea, specifically an ingredient called catechins, increase metabolism and helps with faster digestion.
  • Eating a lot of white carbohydrates, which many overweight people do, is one reason your metabolism may be slowing down. This is because it has no roughage. You should be eating whole breads, pasta and you can also get carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking a few glasses of cold water every day will help you boost your metabolism. Avoid room temperature water at all time.
  • If you are not eating enough protein you are slowing your metabolism down. You should increase the amount of meat, fish and chicken that you consume.
  • If you are not eating enough iron, especially for women, you are slowing down your metabolism. You should look for iron-rich foods to add to your diet.
  • Many people have cut out dairy products in an effort to lose weight but what they don’t realize is that they are slowing down their metabolism. Dairy is good for you and you should be eating more of it on a regular basis.

As discussed, the issue of how to lose weight with slow metabolism isn’t really an issue. You should focus instead on eating right and working out.

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