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How to lose weight with minimal exercise

To lose weight one has to burn more calories than what he or she is taking. When full on exercising is off the table creative measures have to be taken for one to lose the extra weight. Several steps that help in weight lose with minimal exercise include but not limited to.

Drinking a lot of water

Water generally fills the stomach therefore suppressing hunger and the urge to down sumptuous delicacies.  Thirst signals can be confused for body hunger resulting in over eating therefore drinking loads of water help in containing body weight. When one drinks water it stops the body from retaining water thus releasing excess body weight. It is recommended you drink eight to ten glasses of water per day to lose weight and stay hydrated.

Stop being inactive

Most people find themselves on cruise mode. This makes them do things in a sluggish manner lacking intensity. One should increase the intensity of everyday duties. If it is sweeping use a little more effort. One should add vigor to the tasks whether it is walking to the store or moving to favorite music.

Stop drinking soda, alcohol etc.

These carbonated drinks contain a lot of empty calories. Alcohol can be termed as the worst in this category it not only adds calories it also slows done metabolic activity in the body.

Eat a salad everyday

Here one will be getting large portions of minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. However it is noted that eating salad alone does not blow the levels of hunger hormones in the body which are vital in telling the brain when to eat. This can result in overfeeding and increased weight. Many cases of dieting on salad not working can be attributed to this. It is recommended to have a salad but one can have a bowl of vegetable soup with it or a sandwich. Therefore eating salad with a recommended escort can result in weight lose with minimal exercising?

Eat more whole grains and fiber

Fiber fill you up fast, one is therefore unlikely to consume a lot of calories during a given meal. Fiber also fills you up for a longer period this prevents you from snacking in between meals thus losing weight.

Go the extra distance

For you to lose weight with minimal exercise this comes in handy. One should stop using the nearest parking spot, vending machine or even restroom. Go that extra distance to increase the activity in your body. Instead of using the lift you can take the stairs, or instead of taking your care to the shop you can walk the distance or even cycle.

Take advantage of exercise

Most people want to lose weight with minimal exercise which is possible but one has to take advantage of exercising opportunities once in a while to help on weight lose. One need not go to the gym little activities add up to weight loss. Walking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of lift etc.

Cook at home often

Instead of going to the restaurants and eating food which is filled with fats and oil. You should embrace home meals as this fits your nutrients interests and also controls the portions you want. In restaurants they serve more meaning you partake more calories.

Do not skip breakfast

The temptation of skipping breakfast because one is in a hurry or simply not hungry is common. Although by midday you will find yourself starving and this can result in snacking all day long or overindulgence in eating later on in the day. Taking breakfast determines the metabolism for the day and the calorie demand. So it is wise to have breakfast to cut down on excessive calorie intake during the day.


People who sleep less than five hours a day have a very high percentage of gaining weight, this is placed at 70%. Lack of sleep affect metabolism meaning calories gained are not burnt well, also lack of sleep distorts appetite. Ghrelin which is the hormone responsible for signaling the brain when to eat increases because of lack of sleep this can result in continuous feeding causing additional weight. Those who sleep 5 to 7 hours decrease their chances of gaining weight by 27%. Therefore sleep is a way of losing weight with minimal exercises, without kidding who doesn’t like to sleep?

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