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How to lose weight when in menopause

The most prevailing complaint you will hear from women in menopause is weight gain. As women approach menopause they are more exposed to weight gain due to their routine changes as this is the retirement age.

However the most common causative agent is the hormonal changes in women that lead to weight increase. Losing weight in menopause can be hard due to the above hormonal factor, however it is possible. If you are in menopause and wondering how to lose weight here are a few tips.

Tips on how to lose weight in menopause

  1. Water is your best friend, water is the magic drink if you want to lose weight in menopause. Stop taking sugary drinks to quench your thirst as they add up more calories to your body and you will not be able to maintain healthy weight. Substitute these sugary drinks for water;  aim to drink around 2000-3000 milliliters of water every 24 hours.
  2. Eat small portions of food regularly, eating all your meals keep your body healthy. Avoid missing your meals in an attempt to cut weight. If you skip a meal let’s say breakfast you build up hunger pangs and end up consuming more lunch. If you want to lose weight in menopause, eat small portions of meals at regular intervals.
  3. Lower your carbs intake, to lose weight in menopause, cut down on your carbs intake to keep your weight at a healthy average. Carbs have high content of calories in them. Carbs are digested fast, leaving you hungry and wanting to eat more, which makes you gain weight.
  4. Exercise is a plus, exercise increases your heart beat burning more calories. Pick a routine that is intensive, one you can break a sweat from.  Start by jogging on the spot and subsequently progress to morning runs. Exercising is the best way to lose weight in menopause.

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