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How to lose weight. Tips for teenagers

Most teenagers are concerned about their weight, it is normal to gain some weight during teenage as it is a phase in life, that is coupled with hormonal changes in our bodies. In addition teenage lifestyle can be a big determining factor to their weight, today most teenagers prefer fast foods which are the main causative agents of weight gain.

In addition in activity among teens is a matter of concern, today PlayStations has turned to be the new playgrounds for teenagers.  Inadequate physical activities and consumption of junk food can cause obesity among teenagers. Overweight teenagers are known to have low self-esteem and they can go to extreme heights such as suicide due to ridicule by peers. What they do not understand is that it is possible to lose weight as a teenager and get your fit body back. However if you are in this situation, here are some tips on how to lose weight as a teenager.

Tips on how to lose weight for a teenager

  1. Avoid fore going meals, skipping meals in an attempt to lose weight will not work in fact the opposite will happen, you will gain weight. What happens is, if you skip a meal let’s say breakfast you build up hunger pangs and end up consuming more lunch. To counter this take small portions of meals on intervals of 3-4 hours. This way you give your body enough time to digest all the food you have eaten instead of storing it in the body as fat.
  2. Junk foods add you pounds, it is common to see teenagers snacking at regular fast food joints, unaware of the risk of obesity they expose themselves to. Snacking oftenly at home also leads to obesity. The main issue with snacks and fast foods is that they contain unsaturated fats which are stored in the body causing you to gain weight. If you are aspiring to lose weight as a teenager, replace these junk foods with fruits and vegetables. As a teenager this can look as a very boring lifestyle but to lose weight you have to walk the talk.
  3. Exercise your body, it is criminal to be lazy as a teenager, this is the age where your body is fool of energy and developing, avoid being inactive, prepare a daily workout routine right from home to school. Join your school soccer team or any other sport you can break a sweat from. At home start doing exercises like sit ups and push-ups, if you can access a treadmill the better but if you can’t don’t you worry. You can do exercises such as running on the spot and some sit ups. As a teen you probably like dancing. The good news is that dancing is a good workout exercise to lose weight that can help you lose weight. Every time you get a chance turn on a fast paced music genre and dance to the beats. See losing weight can also be fun. Don’t be left out!
  4. Eat dinner before 8pm, teenagers who eat after 8pm weigh more, since they eat at a time when their body is inactive. At this time the metabolism is low and food is digested slowly hence most of it is stored as fat.  To lose weight at home, finish your dinner by 8pm. After take more fluids preferably water to keep your metabolism at a healthy average.
  5. Avoid dieting, today there are many diets that are being recommended for teenagers, however dome of theselow carb diets are not healthy because they remove whole food groups from the diet, hence denying you important nutrients from the eliminated food groups.  In addition other diets eliminate dairy products like cheese, milk and yoghurt.  Dairy products give you calcium that is essential for healthy bones. Losing weight as a teenager should not unhealthy hence pick your diet carefully.

As an overweight teenager, or one who is not comfortable about how you weigh on the scale, do not allow tour self-confidence to be pricked. On the flip side follow the tips above carefully and you will be surprised by the result you get.

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