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How to lose weight on Paleo diet


Also known as, caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet primal diet or age diet, this diet is hugely popular nowadays. Many prefer it to other regular foods. Nonetheless, it does not work to expectations if you do not strategize properly. Switching might sound simple, but there are few complementary changes that you need to make in order for the diet to work commendably.  As the name suggests, the diet comprises of what the hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. They include foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seafood. It increases the uptake of nutrients and vitamins. The balance is critical when it comes to weight loss management. Read on to learn more on how to lose weight on paleo diet.

Useful tips

Maintain simplicity: one of the major reasons why paleo diet works really well is due to its ability to aid in reducing calorie intake without restricting them fully. Eating simple foods results into eating less, therefore, you shed pounds without much effort. Talking of simplicity, one might wonder how that is achievable. It is quite simple; you just ought to keep up the basics of a healthy meal. For proteins, meat or fish will do. Next, you should take plenty of non-starchy vegetables, whole foods, healthy fats and some carbohydrates from root vegetables or fruit. The good thing is that paleo diet requires less or no flavoring at all. Still, it is quite easy to get carried away.Hence you should be cautious.

Make sure you eat enough: while the main idea is eating less, do not starve yourself. Depriving your body of the primary nutrients and calories could lead to stress as this lowers the resting metabolic rate. That could cause weight loss stalling or even the unwanted reverse. Paleo diets are special n that they are more gratifying than any other kind of diet. You consume less but gain a lot.

Eat enough carbohydrates: to maintain your activity level, you ought to maintain a constant carbohydrates intake. However, it heavily depends on the intensity and exercise you undergo and how often you do it. While it is important to gauge the carbohydrate intake based on the amount of exercise, a mismatch could lead to unwanted results. It can lead to fatigue as well as muscle breakdowns especially if you are overworking yourself and not taking in enough carbohydrates.

Maintain movement all day long: while the exercise programs ought to work, sitting around all day in the office could impede the expediency of the process. There are many ways to keep moving all day long. Engage in such habits and you will lose weight without much effort. It also improves your overall health and reduces the risk of contracting a chronic disease.

Create some company: trying to lose weight on your own can be trying at times. Look for some company for the social support is very important when making lifestyle changes. You can source this from either friends or family. You can exchange paleo recipes with them and even share day-to-day experiences. Even if there are no paleo diet practitioners within your area, there are many communities online. Here you can interact with other beginners as well as experts with regards to how to lose weight on paleo diet.

Address the issue with seriousness: it is not just about diet and exercise. You need to treat the whole matter with seriousness as it deals with matters pertaining to your life. For instance, lack of enough sleep could lead to increased hunger and stress hormones can cause you to eat more. Nonetheless, people with the proper social support handle weight loss in a better way compared to those without. You can also make use of mind-body techniques such as yoga and meditation.


All of the above information helps you learn how to lose weight on paleo diet. That is not all, as indicated; you need more support for the whole process to work in your favor. There is also more information available online and among weight-loss support groups. Access to such information could immensely help in the weight loss process. Therefore, do some research before engaging in the paleo diet as a way to lose weight.

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