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How to lose weight in one day without exercise

While it is not possible to lose a lot of weight in one day without exercise, you certainly can lose some weight in a day if you do certain things. The fact that you are losing it without exercise means that you are doing it through your diet. It also tells you that if you can get the diet right in the long term you will keep losing weight. To understand how to lose weight in one day without exercise, let us understand how your diet has been contributing to your weight.

If you are like most Americans, you get your food from the supermarket. Here is the problem – 80% of all food in the supermarket contains sugar. Manufacturers have been adding sugar to products over the years to improve their flavor. Some may not taste sugary at all but they contain amazingly high levels of sugar. Ketchup, for instance, is one of them. A quarter of the bottle is nothing but sugar. Your cereal contains lots and lots of sugar too.

What is the alternative?

One the day that you decide you want to lose weight, you will focus on eating food that comes from the farm and not a manufacturer. You will buy lean cuts of beef, chicken or fish. You will also choose a healthy carbohydrate as well as lots of fruits, veggies and nuts. Find a few recipes that you can use to cook flavorful meals. Use only healthy cooking oils. Each mal you prepare should have proteins, carbs and vitamins. When you feel like a snack you should either eat a fruit or some nuts.

On that day, if you don’t touch any pre-processed foods you will lose weight. Weigh yourself in the morning before you get started and again after you finish and see the difference.

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