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How to lose weight if your 14

Nobody wants to feel like the biggest kid in the room anymore. To lose weight, everyone tells you to eat healthy and exercise, but that can be boring. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight at 14. Life is crazy already and you don’t want to waste all these precious moments on feeling terrible. Try these simple changes to see major changes in your habits:

Chew gum

When chewing gum, you are tiring your jaw and using all of your saliva. By doing this, you can curb your appetite since your jaw will be so tired from already working hard at the gum.

Play sports

Even if you think you’re not that good, trying out or making an effort to join a school team is one of the best ways to squeeze exercise into a busy day. Teams have regimented schedules that you must attend, so you are held accountable to be there everyday.

The other huge benefit to working out with your team is that teams work together in large units. When groups of people work out together, they are less likely to think about how exhausted or bored they are while working out. Team conditioning works you hard, but gets you in the best shape.

Find ways to add vegetables and fruits to your diet

This one is so easy! Just add small amounts of fruits and vegetables to everything you eat! Why have a plain cheese pizza when you can add some green peppers to it? What about having a leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato to your cheeseburger?

How about adding blueberries to your froyo instead of gummi bears? These are all little changes you can make to your diet that will eventually lead to a huge change in the way you eat and feel.

Losing weight at 14 is hard, but not impossible. With these changes, you can go out and take on the world, you gorgeous thing.

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