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How to lose weight if you have hypothyroid

Losing weight with a hypothyroid condition can be difficult, reason being the thyroid gland is incapacitated to produce important hormones that regulate metabolism, which subsequently leads to gaining weight. However if you are suffering from this condition you can do not despair, below are tips on how to lose weight if you have hypothyroid.

Tips on how to lose weight if you have hypothyroid

  1. Embark on a low calorie diet, to improve your metabolism you need to reduce the calorie intake of your body. Avoid junk foods and eat fruits and vegetables oftenly. In addition avoid white rice and white bread and substitute them for brown rice and brown bread. Preferably maintain an intake of 1200 calories per day.
  2. Exercise more, if you have hypothyroid, you should aspire to exercise more, avoid being inactive and lazy as this will do no good to your metabolism rate.  Start a daily routine such as jogging in the morning. Make sure you break a sweat from each of the exercises you do. Exercising improves your metabolism making you lose weight. Preferably inject 90minutes of workout in your daily routine.
  3. Strength training, the purpose of strength training in hypothyroid weight loss, is to build calorie burning muscle. Go to your nearest gym twice a week and train your muscles, the weight may not go away at once but in the long run you will see the benefits of strength training.
  4. Eat a medium fat diet, do not go for the low fat diet as this might not be good for optimal heart health. Still on the medium fat diet, aspire to eat healthy fats like nuts, fatty fish, avocado and raw cheese. Medium fat consumption will keep your metabolism rate at a healthy average essential for weight loss.

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