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How to lose weight if you are a kid

Obesity in kids is fast increasing in our society, today there are more overweight kids than in the yester years. Reasons being the mechanization of life, kids are driven everywhere, and the PlayStation is the new playing field.

Kids are more inactive today that has made them weigh more on the scale. However if you are in this situation do not despair, here are some tips on how to lose weight fast if you are a kid.

Tips on how to lose weight fast if you are a kid

  1. Eat healthy at home, this is one answer to how to lose weight fast if you are a kid. Today kids love to snack oftenly at home, but some snacks contain unsaturated fats, and the high sugar levels lead to weight gain. Eat more vegetables and fruits when you feel hungry other than foods like ice cream and cakes.
  2. Be more active, do not sit down and watch television all day or play video games. Go out and play with your friends oftenly. Playing keeps you in good shape and burns extra fat in your body. So next time you feel like playing soccer video games, play the actual ball instead.
  3. Drop the soft drink for water, when you feel thirsty, avoid sugary drinks to quench your thirst as the sugars in these drinks add up more calories to your body that makes you gain weight. Drop these drinks for water, take around 1-2 liters of water daily. Water steps up your metabolism which means your food is digested faster keeping you fit and healthy.
  4. Take meals at regular intervals, avoid taking meals at short intervals as your body will not have enough time to digest the food hence much of it is stored as fat in your body. Take meals at intervals of 6 hours with snack breaks in between the meals.

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