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How to lose weight fast with Herbalife?

Struggling with stubborn fat in parts of your body despite working out and maintaining a healthy diet? Herballife products can help fix that. With advanced science combined with delicious shakes and snacks, herbalife weight management products guarantee you to lose those unwanted pounds. This unique program is not just a shake to repress your hunger, but is full of nutritional value such as vitamins, proteins and fiber which all work together in promoting weight loss.

When using herbalife shakes there are three different weight loss programs. The quick start which involves a full meal replacement drink with a variety of delicious flavors, herbal tea which works as energy booster, cell activator supplement which assist the body in absorbing nutrients and multivitamin.

Advance program contains all products in quick start but has enhancers that help boost metabolism and in improving skin appearance. These shakes are delicious and filling and can fully replace meal. With added protein powder which curbs appetite and stave off hunger, replacing at least two meals with a shake will definitely help you achieve the desired weight loss goal.

Ultimate program contains snack defense tablets which help the body in maintaining blood sugar within normal range and aid in the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.

Herbalife weight loss programme can be a little bit confusing especially for beginners who get overwhelmed with the amount of information and products that are available, hence do not know where to start.

Know your Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is the score used to measure the body fat in order to determine the weight category in which the body fall. It involves taking into account weight and height of a person in order to establish the amount of body fat that a person has. Knowing your BMI will help in creating goals regarding the amount of body fat that you want to lose when dieting.

In case your BMI score is between 18.5 and 24.9 then your body is in a healthy weight range and you can push through with herbalife weight loss programme as these products not only help you to lose weight but also regulates and maintains the right amount of nutrients in the body, thus giving the body better weight and a healthy lifestyle..

If your BMI score shows that you are overweight then hold off protein powder on formula 1 shake. Avoiding proteins will soften the accumulated body fat, thus burning it off quickly. Also, take 3 spoonfuls of Formula 1 powder instead of two as well as 5 capfuls of Aloe concentrated suspension to speed up weight loss. Once your BMI goes down to normal range, consider adding back the protein powder, and cut down on Formula 1 and Aloe concentrate intake.


Drinking a lot of water does not necessarily mean taking 8 – 10 glasses of water. On the contrary it simply means, calculating the right amount of water that your body needs to consume per day. Take your weight, multiply by 0.07 to get the amount of water your body needs.


Drink at least two Formula 1 shake daily. This amount can increase up to 4 shakes per day, depending on your budget. More shakes mean more nutrients to the body, which translates to feeling less hunger and thus no taking unhealthy snacks; this will increase weight loss speed.

The protein powder keeps the skin looking firm and smooth. For those who are already at menopause it is advisable to add more protein to the shake.

Herbal Aloe drink detoxifies the body. When the body is detoxified, it increases the capability to absorb nutrients that are contained in Formula 1 shakes.

Keep off chemically processed foods that are rich in starch such as bread, pasta, yoghurt, cookies among others. This is because the detoxifiers will be forced to remove the newly consumed chemicals, hence slowing down their ability to clean toxins. Instead take, potatoes, rice and other foods rich in starch during normal meal time.

Never take tea 30 minutes before and after taking Formula 1 shake. Tea washes away nutrients found in the shake.

Consumption of herbal tea varies from one person to another. The quantity to consume depends on how much the body can handle metabolism boost. High intake of herbal tea may cause heart rate increase, dizziness and constant sweating. Adjust according to your body response.

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