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How to lose weight fast with Dr. Oz

Once a dieter feels prepared to make a go of a diet plan and is personally motivated to take the necessary steps to lose weight, it is only natural that they would want to partake in a rapid-results based program, a program that is safe for the body, is designed by a medical professional, and with benefit to one’s overall health.

The Dr. Oz plans are intuitively healthy, based on medical and scientific data, and achieve successful results. The two most popular Dr. Oz diets include the Total 10 Weight Loss Plan and the Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet. Dieters looking to lose weight as fast as possible might select the Two-Week plan diet.

Two-week rapid weight loss diet

The Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet, debuted in 2014, and since then an enormous audience of Dr. Oz of viewers have lost weight following this plan. Most dieters on the Two-Week report losing about 9 pounds within the 2 weeks.

Several foods and beverages must be cut out of the diet completely, including coffee, alcohol, and sugar. These items are a stimulant of cravings. Artificial sweeteners, which affect the metabolism, must also be removed, as well as dairy, which encourages inflammation.

Bonuses Of The Two-Week Plan

One of the perks of the Two-week plan, is that the dieter can eat an unlimited amount of vegetables. The vegetables though must be low-glycemic, such as asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, and squash. Vegetables that are included on the safe list can fill in for carbohydrates and more fattening foods when the appetite kicks up. Many who have tried the diet and have written about it online, report feeling hungry for the first 3 days, before the pangs of hunger began to subside.

The daily plan

Each day begins with ½ a lemon and hot water upon waking. This beverage is meant to activate the metabolism and digestive system, and also functions as a natural diuretic, sloughing off the additional water and fluids. Breakfast will consist of fruit, almond milk, ground flax seeds, and rice protein powder.

Green tea will substitute in place of coffee, so that those who enjoy caffeine in the morning may find some of it in their herbal drinks. Lunch, dinner, and snacks, will consist of 6-ounces of chicken, turkey, and fish, brown rice, which is rich in fiber, and Greek yogurt, for probiotics. Limit fats to the healthy kinds, like avocados and olive oil. These fats support a number of bodily functions including the metabolism, and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The total 10 rapid weight loss plan

Dieters might opt for a less aggressive plan at first to get fit and lose weight. The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss may be a plan dieters want to try after they have completed the 2-week plan. This diet contains about twice the daily amount of protein, a variety of snacks, and carbohydrates. Dr. Oz announced The Total 10 program in 2015, when he told the viewers of his show about the team of researchers and participants, who during 2014, developed this “ultimate” diet plan.

Hormonal Readjustment

Total 10 is designed to help dieters lose weight by way of improved health. The Total 10 Plan detoxifies the body, improves the body’s ability to burn fat, speeds up metabolism, and fights inflammation. The focus of the Total 10 Plan is to target and to readjust the body’s hormones. Hormonal readjustment is accomplished by eliminating the simple carbohydrates in the diet.

On the Total 10, the morning begins the same way as the 2-Week with hot water and lemon. Breakfast will consist of some type of delicious fruit smoothie, such as Pumpkin Pie Smoothie or a Chocolate Almond smoothie. These smoothies help with blood sugar levels and metabolism. Throughout the day, focus on eating protein like eggs, fish, and poultry, up to 12 ounces per day. Dieters will then make sure to eat a snack every 1 or 2 hours. These will be healthy snacks like kale chips, Greek yogurt, vegetables, nuts, and kettle corn, as opposed to chocolate snack bars and chips.

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