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How to lose weight fast? Tips for girls

Figuring out how to lose weight fast for girls is something that many young women struggle with. While it’s always best to try to plan to lose weight over a long period of time, there are things that come up where shedding a few quick pounds can make a big difference. Maybe you have a date coming up, or maybe swimsuit season has suddenly creeped up on you.

No matter your reasons it is possible to drop a few pounds quickly if you are willing to work hard to do it. Always remember that the type of diet and exercise routine that you need to lose weight quickly is not something you should undertake for more than a few weeks at a time. Your body simply cannot remain healthy on an extreme weight loss program for long periods of time. Once you understand this you are ready to get started.

Start By Placing A Major Restriction On Your Calorie Intake

If you can cut out about 3,500 calories a week you can lose a pound a week. But what if this type of slow and steady weight loss won’t work for you? If you need to force your body to tap into it’s fat reserves to lose weight quickly then a more drastic approach to your diet is necessary. You need to cut out more than 500 calories a day, in fact you should try to cut out 1,000 calories per day. While this is a lot to cut out, remember that you are only doing this for a short period of time.

It’s also important to remember that simply cutting calories isn’t enough. On such a restrictive diet you need to make sure that the calories you are allowing yourself count. So up the protein, and make sure that you eat lots of green leafy vegetables. Protein will help you to build a leaner body, and green leafy vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrition. They can help you to feel full on a lighter diet. Also make sure that you are drinking lots of cold water. Cold water has to be heated up by your body, which burns calories. Since water has no calories it’s also a great way to fill up and help keep hunger at bay.

Put In Your Time At The Gym

As always the foundation of any exercise routine should be resistance training. But remember that you can only engage in resistance training 3 or 4 times per week. Unfortunately this isn’t enough to facilitate quick weight loss. While you should never do this long term, you can workout every day, and even twice a day if you are doing a lot of aerobic exercise.

Try working out first thing in the morning to burn fat before you eat. Then before bed workout again to help burn off the calories you have taking in over the course of the day. This two pronged attack can help you to burn a lot of calories very quickly.

Safety Must Come First

Always remember that above all else your health comes first. When you are on an extreme diet and exercise program like this you can easily shed 5 pounds of fat in only a week. But it will take a toll on your body and on your mind as well. You will be hungry, and tired, and you may even get light headed. Make sure that you pay attention to these type of warning signs, and if they show up then scale things back.

You also need to get as much rest as possible while on this type of program. Your body is basically going into starvation mode, which means you will be tired. Combine this with the workouts that you are doing and your body is really being pushed to it’s limits. So get plenty of rest, and when you feel like you need it take a break. This type of program isn’t for everyone. It’s also certainly not good to do long term.

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