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How to lose weight fast at home for teenagers

Teenage is an important phase in life, it is coupled with hormonal changes in our bodies. Inadequate physical activities and consumption of junk food can cause obesity among teenagers. Overweight teenagers are known to have low self-esteem and they can go to extreme heights such as suicide due to ridicule by peers. Most weight gain cases in teenagers are as a result of unhealthy homemade habits that they grew up are some tips on how to lose weight fast at home in teenagers.

1.      Avoid fore going meals, missing meals in an attempt to lose weight can be counterproductive. What happens is, if you skip a meal let’s say breakfast you build up hunger pangs and end up consuming more lunch. To counter this eat small portions of meals on intervals of 3-4 hours. Research has shown that people who eat regular meals have lower basal metabolic rates.

2.      Avoid junk foods at home, most teenagers love to snack oftenly at home, but some snacks contain unsaturated fats. If you are serious on how to lose weight at home, replace these junk foods with fruits and vegetables. As a teenager this might look as a very boring option but it is the right thing to do to contain your weight.

3.      Exercise oftenly, avoid being inactive as a teenager. Prepare a daily workout routine right at home. If you can access a treadmill the better but if you can’t don’t you worry. You can do exercises such as running on the spot and some sit ups. Dancing is also a good workout exercise, play your favorite music and exercise.

4.      Avoid eating after 8pm, if you want to lose weight at home, finish your dinner by 8pm. In most instances food eaten after this time will be stored as fast reason being your body is inactive while you sleep hence lower metabolic rate.

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