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How to lose weight drinking smoothies


When it comes to weight loss, smoothies are quite the magical tool; simply because they contain low-calorie but nutrient rich ingredients. Thus, making you feel full all day and in the end helping you cut down a few pounds. By the end of this piece, you should be able to select the best nutrients possible and prepare great-tasting smoothies as a weight loss catalyst. Keep reading for tips and more information regarding how to lose weight drinking smoothies.

The right ingredients for fast weight loss

Avocado: Avocados are the number one smoothie thickener. They provide that much-needed creaminess and lots of healthy fats that keeps you gratified until your next meal. They also contain in them a wide range of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Berries: be it strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blubbery name it! They are all the important in adding flavor in the smoothies without translating into the unwanted calories and sugar. Again, they are rich in fiber, and that keeps you full all day. Not to forget their anti-oxidant qualities that keeps you healthy.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne Pepper contains a substance called capsaicin. The substance is responsible for inhibiting fat and carbohydrates intake especially if taken in the morning. In layman’s language, the pepper cuts down your appetite. As a result, you get to lose several pounds with time.

Tea/ice/water: most people will suggest and prefer milk or fruit juice in making smoothies. However, there is the risk of unwanted calorie addition. To avoid this ice, tea and water serves as great substitutes. There are even some claims that green tea has a substance, which aids in weight loss and that without a doubt is an added advantage.

Chia seeds: packed with proteins and fibers, they make you feel full all day long. Some of the components available include antioxidants, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Better still, the chia seeds do absorb toxins from the digestive tract, and that serves as an added advantage. Chia seed gel works best with smoothies for that creamy look. For those with no idea of how to prepare it, it is quite simple. Just combine the seeds with a reasonable amount of water and leave the mixture for around ten minutes. Store the combination in your fridge for around a month and after that time, you will have your gel.

Fruit pulp: for those who prepare juice, it is the high time they stopped discarding the pulp from fruits. That seemingly useless flesh makes a very important ingredient in smoothies. Since it is all the fiber from the fruits, if added to smoothies the craving for meals gets reduced substantially.

Cinnamon: through improving glucose metabolism, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels. As a result, there is less excess blood and little or no glucose gets stored as fat. Further still, studies have shown that abdominal fat is highly sensitive to cinnamon effects.

Leafy greens: kale, dandelion, romaine lettuce, and spinach are good examples of leafy greens. They are rich in phytonutrients yet contain low-calorie levels. They are also rich in fiber, and that keeps you going all day.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a major necessity in weight loss smoothies. Fats in the coconut satisfy the body’s energy needs as opposed to getting stored as fat. Concisely, you will hardly ever feel hungry with coconut oil as part of your smoothie.

Stevia: for those who feel they are not getting enough sweetness in their smoothies, this one is for you. It is a natural sweetener free from all side effects and risks linked to artificial sweeteners.

Healthy fats: many people have the perception that to lose weight you have to shun fats entirely. It is not the case. You ought to take healthy fats for the sake of overall health and keeping you satisfied all day. The healthy fats can get obtained from butter and cream.

Greek yogurt: one would ask why not any other kind of yogurt. The reason behind this is that the Greek version is rich in proteins. You, therefore, feel full throughout. Nonetheless, avoid the flavored versions as they most likely contain unwanted sugars, which may hamper your weight loss dreams.


Make use of the ingredients listed above and you will be one step closer to your dream weight. Take care, though, ingredients such as canned fruits/vegetables, fruit juice, protein powders and sweeteners should feature nowhere in a good smoothie.

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