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How to increase metabolism to lose weight fast. Proven and creative methods


One of the most common excuses for not being able to lose weight is “having a slow metabolism”. While this is an excuse for some, for most it is the actual truth and the reason behind why many people have trouble losing weight. This is because your metabolism is inherited for the most part. The good news though is that there are several ways that you can not only speed up your metabolism, but speed it up safely. ¬†Below is a list of ways or a guide so to speak on how to increase metabolism to lose weight fast.

Ways to Increase Metabolism Fast

  • Eat Thermogenically Favorable Foods
  • Increase Cold Water Consumption
  • Increase Your Muscle Mass
  • Drink Green Tea
  • Take Extra Naps
  • Exercise
  • Eat Thermogenic Foods

Thermogenic foods are commonly referred to in everyday culture as “spicy” foods. Some people can handle spicy foods and some people cannot. If you can withstand, or even like spicy foods, you are in luck because just eating them burns calories. In fact, the spicier the food, the more potent of a metabolism booster it is.

Increase Cold-Water Consumption

There is an old myth that drinking cold water burns calories. The funny thing is, that is not a myth at all like a lot of people will tell you. In fact, every time you drink a cold glass of water your body has to expend 8 calories to return to its baseline 98.6 temperature. This applies to more than just water as anything that is cold and lowers your body temperature will cause calorie expenditure. That calorie expenditure is in the form of your body having to heat itself back up.

Exercise (Cliche, but Still True!)

While common day knowledge, for the validity of this article, exercise must be included. However, what is not commonly known is that exercise does more than just burn calories or boosts your metabolism. Exercising changes your metabolism on a genetic level as well. Scientific studies show that exercising has epigenetic changes to the human genome that result in a lower baseline metabolism. This is true of literally all forms of exercise from cardiovascular activities to powerlifting. Any form of exercise is incredibly beneficial in regards to metabolism.

Increase Muscle Mass

One of the easiest ways to boost metabolism to lose weight fast is to build muscle mass. This is obviously achieved through weight training. The benefit of increasing muscle mass is that muscles take a tremendous amount of energy to sustain. Therefore, the body has to use a huge amount of calories to sustain having muscle mass. This means that by getting muscular and fit, you are already building in your own energy reduction system. Muscles need heaps of energy and that energy is in the form of calories. If a lot of calories are being burned in that regard then you can expect to have a lot less fat.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has a chemical in it called catechin that is a potent metabolism booster. By substituting pop for green tea you could drastically speed up your metabolism. It does not have to be just pop though. Substituting green tea in for any unhealthy, high caloric value beverage will do wonders. A great thing about green tea is that is is high versatile. You can fruit flavoring and many other flavorings to it until you find something that you can stand.

Connecting Metabolism and Weight Loss

To really put dieting in perspective one must understand the connection between metabolism and weight loss. Metabolism is just one factor in weight loss, albeit the most important. In order to effectively lose weight one must understand that other “controllable” things can add weight as well like stress, bad sleep cycles, drugs, etc. Also, be sure not to cut too many calories. Metabolism helps weight loss the most when it is under optimal conditions. When metabolism gets too low the body starts to conserve energy in the form of fat. The real key is to find the right balance in regards to metabolism, as well as weight loss in general.

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