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How to increase memory power? Foods, yoga asanas and techniques

The brain in its complexities is considered one of the most vital organs. In charge of controlling speaking, understanding, planning, speaking, reasoning among other things it is important that its performance is kept at the highest level. The brain also in charge of the memory has to be taken care of well so that the memory power of an individual is on point.


Just like other organs the brain needs nutrients to function well. Not all foods are good for your brain, some of the foods that are good for your brain are:

  • Oily fish: Omega three fats are found naturally in oily fish like EPA and DHA. Low levels of DHA have been linked to memory loss. Therefore boosting this levels increases memory power of an individual. Salmon, sardines, mackerel, pilchards, herring, kippers and trout are some of the main sources of oily fish.
  • Whole grains: the brain cannot function in the right manner without energy. A steady supply of energy in the brain causes an immense ability to concentrate. The energy is supplied in the form of glucose found in our blood pumped to the brain. Whole grains releases glucose into the bloodstream subsequently resulting in your mind being alert throughout. Brown cereals, brown pasta, wheat bran is some of the whole grains that can help you increase memory power.
  • Tomatoes: they contain lycopene a very powerful antioxidant that aids in the radical destruction of brain cells that help in memory retention. Therefore, the continuous consumption of tomatoes improves memory power of an individual.
  • Pumpkin seeds: they contain zinc alloy and if consumed on a daily basis the boosted memory and thinking skills.
  • Broccoli: known to improve brain power and cognitive function, it contains vitamin K that causes this.
  • Nuts: filled with vitamin E, vitamin 6 and omega 3 and six fatty acids. Nuts play a big role in improving brain power. The nutrients help in improving the nervous system and protect from free radicals. A daily consumption of nuts increases memory power.
  • Dark chocolates: they contain flavonoids that stimulate blood vessels in the brain boosting memory.
  • Raisings: contain vitamin B6, vitamin c and antioxidants that increase brain functioning and enable the brain to absorb information at a quick pace.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga is an exercise that has very many benefits to the human body, and one of the key benefits is brain functioning and concentration. Some of the top poses in yoga that can help an individual increase his or her memory power are:

  • Padmasana: done by folding legs and sitting straight up on the floor. One the inhales and exhales in slow motion as the eyes are closed. By doing this, the mind remains calm sharpening your memory skills and thinking.
  • Tree Stand Pose: done by standing straight stretching hands and joining the palms together. Then the left leg is folded placing it on the inner side of the right thigh. One then needs to close the eyes and relax. While on the pose the breathing should be controlled calming your brain and increasing concentration.
  • Vajrasana: done by kneeling on the floor toes touching the buttocks. Further, the toes must be parallel to the knee. The palms are then placed on the knees. Closing the eyes and relaxing the move is complete increasing your analytical skills and memory concentration.
  • Paschimottanasana: to do it one has to sit on the floor, legs are then to be spread straight and hands positioned beside the body on the floor. The body is to be bent in a frontward way from your hips. One then has to lean forward and stretch the hands towards the toes. Relaxing while closing eyes at this position for a while helps in concentration.

Other techniques

Other techniques that help in improving memory power include:

  • Laughing: it engages the brain in many ways, it open ups the mind also boosts the creative thinking part of the brain.
  • Sleeping: getting sufficient sleep ensures that the brain is engaged to its full capacity. Without proper sleep distortion of the information received and critical thinking skills happen, and memory power decreases.
  • Focusing: whenever you are reading or listening to something it is imperative to pay attention. This helps you to decode information. By deep focus, information is processed into your brain-boosting memory power.
  • Visual image: when your brain picks information you can visualize it to project the information. This helps you understand better and also increases your ability to remember things.
  • The acronym method: this is taking up the first letters of a group of information you would like to keep in memory. A good example is remembering the rainbow. Red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (ROYGBIV) this helps you to remember the order in which the colours appear.

The above methods can increase the memory power of an individual keeping him or her on the right track in life.

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