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How to get rid of wrinkles? Prevention and home remedies of wrinkles

These are lines and creases that form on your skin. Wrinkles May be visible on the face, back of hands, necks and some other places. They are caused by ageing skin which sags and becomes thin. Wrinkling can also happen to a the young person’s skin due to causes such as exposure to sunrays, smoking among other factors.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways to get rid of wrinkles, prevention and various home remedies.

Skin treatment

There are various ways of getting rid of wrinkles, one of them being skin treatment. Various forms of skin treatment can help in this area. This includes:

  • Medication: there are various wrinkle creams and topical retinoid which aid in getting rid of wrinkles. Built from vitamin A retinoid can be used but must be on a strict skin care routine such as wearing sunglasses and application of sunscreen. This is because retinoid raises the skin sensitivity to any high temperature particularly the sun. In terms o anti-wrinkle creams one needs to pick carefully those containing retinol kinetin and antioxidants as their key ingredients. These active ingredients may help in getting rid of wrinkles.
  • Surgical methods:  this is now the involvement of a trained surgeon an expert in skin care to do some procedures to get rid of the wrinkles. Some of these surgical methods include microdermabrasion, skin lifts, soft tissue fillers, chemical peel, and dermabrasion among others. For example, face lift involves the doing away with of surplus skin and fat that is found in the neck and beneath the lower face.

Home remedies

This now offers a simple home solution to getting rid of wrinkles. May include but not limited to:

  • Aloe vera has malic acid that improves the elasticity of the skin thus reducing wrinkles. Gel is extracted from an aloe plant. The fresh gel is then to be applied on the skin and left for between 15 to 20 minutes then rinsed with warm water.
  • Olive oil: being a good source of vitamin A and e, olive oil helps in the fight against free radicals that damage the skin. One has to massage regularly the olive oil on the skin in turn moisturizing and repairing the affected areas. The oil keeps provides a lasting effect as it infiltrates deep into the skin.
  • Fenugreek: these leaves have various functions on skin treatment and can help in getting rid of wrinkles. The minerals and vitamins that these leaves have are effortlessly taken up into the skin. The leaves are to be ground into a thick paste. The paste is then to be applied on the face and subsequently left overnight. In the morning, it is to be washed off by lukewarm water.  Continuous use of these leaves will result in tremendous removal of wrinkles.
  • Bananas: being a nice antioxidant and containing vitamins and minerals that take on the cause of wrinkles, bananas are a good home remedy. The banana is to be mashed into a thick paste then applied on the skin and left for at least half an hour then rinsed off with some warm water. One can apply some skin moisturizer afterwards to complete the process. This has to be done continuously.
  • Almonds: containing vitamin E, zinc, Iron, fiber among other nutrients almond delays the ageing process and also these combined nutrients treat wrinkles. The almonds are to be soaked in milk overnight. In the morning, the skin is to be removed the crushed into a paste. The paste is then applied on the skin and left for 20 minutes or 30 minutes then washed off. One can also massage almond oil to aid in the process of preventing wrinkles.
  • Tomatoes and honey:  these two ingredients are to be crushed together in a bowl then the mixture to be applied on the face and after 20 minutes washed off.

Prevention of wrinkles

Aging cannot be prevented, but there are some things that can be done to delay the skin ageing process and prevent wrinkles.

  1. Not smoking: Smoking causes the skin to lose its elasticity that is a cause of wrinkles. Therefore stopping this habit can prevent wrinkles.
  2. Using sunscreen to prevent damage of skin by Ultra violet rays.
  3. Having a good sleep to prevent those lines
  4. Avoid washing your face regularly as washing reduces the natural oil on one’s skin causing dryness and subsequent wrinkles.
  5. Avoiding stress as it causes on to squirt leaving some stress related wrinkles.
  6. A balanced diet will help you get the right nutrients in your body and helping your skin gain from them.
  7. Drinking water as it keeps the skin hydrated preventing it from wrinkling.

Prevention of wrinkles and the use of home remedies has been proven to work and people should not shy away from the processes.

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