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How to get rid of hives naturally?

What Are Hives?

Hives are a rash characterized by large bumps or welts caused by exposure to an allergen. An allergen is a substance that your body is intolerant to, and when exposed to it there are many possible reactions, one of the most common of those reactions are hives. Hives are itchy and irritating which prompts people suffering from them to scratch.

The problem here is that scratching releases more histamine, which in turn makes the reaction more severe. Because hives can progress to the point where they are life threatening, if they cause swelling in your throat, it’s important that you treat them seriously.

While there are a lot of medications that you can take, namely antihistamines, they have side effects. Fortunately there are all natural things that you can do to alleviate hives and get the relieft that you need.

Stop Your Exposure To The Allergen

If you want to stop your allergic reaction then the simplest approach is to prevent it altogether by avoiding the allergen that causes it. While it may be difficult to figure out what is causing the problem, if you keep a journal every time you get hives this can help a great deal.

Writing down what you were eating, drinking, wearing, and even where you were when you broke out in hives can help you to pinpoint what is causing the problem. In some cases completely avoiding an allergen can be difficult, such as being allergic to spring flowers.

But you can make modifications to your lifestyle to help avoid those flowers. Spending less time outdoors when the flowers are blooming, and avoiding windy days are a great starting point. So if you want to get rid of your hives do your best to prevent them by avoiding your allergens.

Use Cool Water

When you get hives have you ever noticed that they tend to be worse in your armpits and groin? This is because heat makes hives worse. To help alleviate this you can use a cool bath or a cool shower to help get relief. On top of reducing the reaction you are having cool water can also help to soothe the itchiness.

This will help you to avoid scratching, which can help you to get rid of your hives faster. If you don’t have the time or ability to take a cool shower right away you can also use cool compresses as an alternative. As long as you are cooling off your affected areas you can get relief. Another important step you can do to slow down the spread of hives is to remove any unnecessary clothing.

While you obviously can’t simply strip naked in public, you can try to find a more private area and then strip down somewhat. Clothing retains body heat, which will make your hives worse. So the next time that hives are bothering you remember to strip down and use cold water to help alleviate the itching.

How Do You Stop The Itching?

For most people hives can be so aggravating and irritating that the only thing they care about is making the itching stop. One great all natural solution is to use calamine lotion.

Calamine lotion is a natural lotion that has great itch relieve properties. It has been used for countless years for anything from Chicken Pox to a common rash. Calamine lotion can be a real life saver when hives are driving you crazy.

Because calamine lotion helps to stop itching it can prevent scratching. Preventing scratching is one of the keys of stopping histamine production, which will then slow down the reaction. While calamine lotion might look funny, the pink blotches that it leaves on your skin is well worth the relief that it will provide to you.

Figuring out ways to get rid of hives naturally can be challenging. Hives are itching and irritating and can make you miserable if you suffer from them. On top of that if they aren’t treated they can continue to get worse and eventually spread to your throat, which can be life threatening.

So if Hives make you miserable then find ways to prevent them. Avoid the allergens that trigger attacks. If this isn’t enough and you still get them then find ways to alleviate the symptoms. By stopping the itching and scratching you can stop the cycle of histamine production.

Histamine is what causes the itching in the first place. You can use cold water, and cool compresses to help alleviate the itching and also reduce the swelling and inflammation. You can also use calamine lotion to get relief. Just remember that you don’t have to reach for a pill you can treat hives naturally and get the relief that you need.

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