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How to get rid of body odor

Ever had that moment when you felt you don’t smell right? Well that’s body odour, body odour poses has one of the biggest insecurities people have today whether it is odour from the armpits, teeth or any other part of the body it scares as much. A times maybe you have sat back and wondered why your body smell does not compliment your personality, you have been tempted to go try out methods to reduce it but they may not have worked. Body odour is not doom, actually most of the times we are the ones who cause it, and the good news is that it can be controlled.  There are several factors which lead to body odour which include;

 What causes body odour?

  • Bad body hygiene, this is the main causative agent of body odour. The moment you neglect your hygiene that’s a straight ticket to body odour issues. Hygiene involves cleanliness of your whole body.
  • Wearing dirty clothes, well you may have relatively acceptable body hygiene but if you put on that dirty shirt or blouse you are no different from the person who did not take a bath.
  • Smoking causes bad body odour as cigarette leaks through the skin through perspiration.
  • Alcohol causes body odour. How so? Alcohol leaks through the skin through perspiration.

Being concerned about body odour is the first step towards solving the problem. The second step is to practically change your lifestyle. Here are some tips on how you can get rid of body odour.

Tips on how to get rid of body odour.

Ignore the pessimists body odour is a reversible condition, here is how to reverse it;

  1. Take a shower, keep your body clean by doing a shower once or twice a day. This helps you wash away the sweat and cut down bacteria in your body that cause body.  There is a common belief that sweat causes body odour, however this is not so sweat by itself is odourless but once you sweat the sweat mixes up with microscopic bacteria on the skin causing body odour. When you are showering wash the areas that are prone to sweat thoroughly such as the armpits. It is important to note that if you do not sweat much you are at a higher risk of having body odor than those who sweat much. Why so? People who sweat are at an advantage because sweat tends to wash away bacteria reducing bad odor.
  2. Get yourself an antiperspirant or a deodorant, after taking a good shower, before you head out to go to work, school or run errands use some deodorant on the areas that are most prone to sweat for example the under arms.  Deodorants do not prevent body odour but they are designed to mask the body odour. Antiperspirants on the other hand have in them a chemical called aluminium chloride that limits the rate at which you sweat at, keeping you dry for longer. Use the antiperspirant or deodorant at least two times a day for the best results, in addition while shopping for these items look for the higher strength types but if you have a skin allergy seek the advice of your dermatologist before using a deodorant or an antiperspirant.
  3. Clean up your wardrobe,the wardrobe could be the source of your body odour. Ensure you change your clothes oftenly, even if you they may look virtually clean, remember clean and fresh clothes keep your body odour down as they are free of odour causing bacteria. Set a day during the week to do a full clean-up of your wardrobe avoid keeping dirty clothes in the wardrobe too as they may spread the odour to the clean clothes. In addition change your socks everyday especially if you have a problem of foot odor. Shoes can also be causes of foot odor, if you are clean enough and there is still odor from your shoes use deodorant powders to limit the odor.
  4. Watch what you eat, what you eat could be the cause of your body odour. We can look at this in two ways. One is that some foods make you sweat more for example pepper, sweat mixes up with microscopic bacteria on your skin leading to body odour. Another way to look at it is perspiration. Some foods can leak through your skin by way of perspiration causing body odour. Some of these foods include processed foods and drinks such as alcohol. You can get rid of body odour through a good diet, eat more greens and vegetables as they contain chrophyll which detoxifies your body.

To many body odor has been the reason to lost life opportunities, broken relationships, ridicule, low self-esteem and other disheartening experiences. However with the above tips you can control body odor and smell fresh.

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