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How to get healthy hair? Foods for healthy and beautiful hair

Healthy hair is an aspiration to many people, nothing communicates your personality to the outside world more than a set of beautiful hair. If you look around dozens of companies are producing new hair products every new day. But let’s pause for a moment and think, what makes hair really beautiful and healthy? What brings out the beauty and the glow in hair?

The answer to these questions is simple. It all goes down to what you eat, what you prefer to include in your diet. That being said, if you want to free your hair from bad looks, to give it an healthy status here are some of the foods you should consider getting next time you go food shopping.

Foods for healthy and beautiful hair

  1. Eat fish for the shine, for a healthy and beautiful hair go for fish.Fish species such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The body does not have the capability to make these fats, hence you have to acquire them from supplements and food. They are key to protecting you from illness and your body also requires them to develop healthy hair and keep it full and shiny.
  2. Grow your hair with yoghurt, yoghurt is a healthy product packed with protein that are key to building your hair locks. Yoghurt is has a key ingredient that helps with blood flow to your scalp and helps with hair flow. The ingredient is vitamin B5 which is protects you from hair loss and hair thinning. If you look at some hair products you may notice vitamin B5 as a key ingredient.
  3. Battle brittle hair with spinach, yes you guessed right spinach just like many other green vegetables is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, carotene, iron, beta and vitamin A. all these vitamins are essential for an healthy scalp which gives you healthy hair. The nutrients keep your hair well moisturized and prevent protects it from breaking. Any other green vegetables contain the same qualities as spinach though, so you can try them out. Remember strong hair is healthy hair.
  4. Eat guava to protect against breakage, broken hair doesn’t look good under any circumstances. Today if you listen to hair complains, the greater percentage of them will be about hair breakage. However you do not have to worry anymore as there is a solution for you. Guava prevents hair breakage because of its high content of vitamin C.  A cup of guava contains 377 milligrams of the vitamin C, that is quadruple your daily minimum requirement of vitamin C. if you want to have healthy, beautiful and non-breaking hair go get some guavas today.
  5. Cereals prevent hair loss, if there is one thing that scares most people it is hair loss. No one wants to lose his or her hair. Whereas we appreciate the fact that hair loss can be as a result of inherited genes, it is also good to know that hair loss can be as a result of unhealthy eating. You may be wondering, how so? Your hair needs iron as a nutrient to grow in a healthy way and inadequacy of it will lead to hair loss. An injection of cereals into your diet can solve this problem. Cereals contain considerable amounts of iron, you can also include beef meet especially organs such as the liver which also contains a high amount of iron. With enough iron you can battle hair loss for a healthy and beautiful hair.
  6. Poultry foods give hair good thickness, it is easy to notice people with good hair thickness, their hair glows and looks healthy like a horse’s mane. Of course all of us want such hair. To have thick hair you should invest in having more poultry foods in your diet. Poultry foods have a high content of proteins that is key to preventing hair loss. In the event you have inadequate protein your hare gets stunted growth and this can be coupled with old hair falling out. As much as possible you want to prevent your hair from falling out and looking unhealthy.  To get poultry proteins go for lean meat from poultry birds such as turkey and chicken which have a lower amount of unsaturated fat.
  7. More eggs – more growth, eggs are important to getting healthy and beautiful hair in terms of hair growth. Some of us want long hair that flows down our backs but to have this you need a good amount of vitamin B. eggs are rich in a vitamin B type called biotin that helps hair grow.

Today in the world many people are crazy about having beautiful and healthy hair, these aspects mean so much to them that they go for unhealthy options. You do not have to be one of them, having beautiful and healthy hair is a choice, one that you could make today by eating the above foods.

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