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How to eat less and lose weight

When losing weight besides exercises and physical activity eating form an important part. One has to be careful not to overfeed at the same time not have a very low caloric intake that will take away body energy. Below are detailed ways on how to eat less and lose weight.

Drinking water

It has been proven time and time again that increased consumption of water reduces food intake. This is because water fills you up suppressing the urge to eat and snack all the time. So in order to eat less using this method one can drink a glass of water before a meal as he/she will fill satisfied after the meal as if he had taken no water. Also one can take in between the meal so as to fill up quickly and reduce consumption.

Reduce sugar intake

Eating sugar causes spikes in blood sugar levels either surging up or dipping low. When blood sugar level goes low one feels really hungry and the need to consume food arises. Cutting sugar from ones diet will reduce hunger pangs making them eat less in the process.

Smaller portions

Most people get tempted to serve more as a small portion may appear not to fulfill both the eye and the stomach. When you want to begin to eat less, start by serving half the portion you normally take. Finish it first wait for some minutes lets say twenty, if you still feel hungry add more which will be lesser than the first.

Always take protein first

Blood sugar levels are usually stabilized by the help of proteins. In results this makes you feel full preventing you from indulging more in high calorie dishes like bread and dessert. The types of protein that may fill you up quick include fish, chicken beast, pork, lean beef and beans. So take protein first to fill up quickly during meal time to avoid high calorie intake.

Stress management

It is noted that stressful situations cause increase in food consumption. It is therefore imperative to manage stress effectively so as to reduce the chances of indulging in food so as to beat the stress. Meditating and deep breathing are some ways in which one can overcome stressful scenarios.


Exercise relaxes your body, hormones that suppresses appetite are produced during this time. General release of endorphin into the brain to calm and ease depression can be gotten from a nice workout session. This boosts one mood and general feel good attitude reducing the chances of indulging in emotional eating which can trigger weight gain.

Increase frequency of eating

This may sound off considering you want to eat less and lose weight. Look at it this way, spreading of meals to have five or six sessions is better than indulging in two or three big meals. This helps reduce calorie intake that is achieved ding the large meals.

Eating slowly

When one eats in a hurry the stomach has no time to signal the brain hat it is filling up therefore one ends up eating plenty of food. It is advisable to slowly eat a meal taking about 20 to 30 minutes to complete a meal. This process will slowly signal the brain and one will get a feeling of getting filled without having eaten much.

Keep busy

Especially the hands, after a days work, the comfort of the home provides a ground for indulgence in snacks and other foods. This increases consumption which can cause more weight. In such a scenario those with this snacking habit are encouraged to engage their hands in small activities like playing hand held games, knitting, painting among other activities that will keep the hands and mind off snacks.

Increase fiber intake

Fiber also levels the blood sugar levels in the body reducing hunger pangs.  Fiber fills you up quickly and for longer therefore no need to snack as one is waiting for the next meal. This helps in reducing other foods consumption.

Cook home meals rather than restaurants

Rather than going into restaurants which serve a big portion of food which is generally fatty. You should prefer a home cooked meal which has been cooked according to your dietary needs and also the portions you take are according to your plan. This helps you to eat less and lose weight.

Eating less will generally reduce the weight of an individual but it takes eating healthy for weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

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