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How to determine caloric intake to lose weight?

If you are fed up with your weight or simply want to drop a few pounds to wear your favorite clothes, then you are likely searching for a way to do that successfully. It is an endeavor that millions of people take on every year. The good news is there are ways to lose weight and get the body in healthier shape. One of the best ways to drop excess pounds is to lower calories enough to create a deficit so that the body is forced to lose weight.

Why Lowering Calories Helps the Body to Lose Weight

Lowering calories helps the body lose weight because it forces the body to function on less while doing the same or more activities. The body burns calories while doing activities and even at rest. A good way to figure out how many calories your body burns during a regular day is to get a test through a physician. They have specialized machines that can calculate resting metabolic rate and other rates so that you can determine what your body burns daily. This is probably the most accurate way to find out your metabolic rate with what current science has to offer.

Once a metabolic rate is figured it is then possible to lower calories so that the body is doing the same activity on less energy. Some may even choose to increase movement through exercise or other activity so that the weight will come off faster. Exercise will help to burn more calories and lower body fat and increase the rate of loss when on a calorie-restricted diet.

With the body burning more calories through less food and drink and increased exercise it is very likely that pounds will start coming off at an acceptable rate. Some may lose faster than others but there is no way to know how fast it will come off. There may be a week with a big loss and the next week may be very little or no loss. It is important to remember that it takes time to lose weight and that it will require dedication to see the results that you want.

Determining Caloric Intake to Lose Weight

If you are curious how to determine caloric intake to lose weight there are some tips that can help. Finding out your resting metabolic rate from a doctor or other medical establishment is recommended to get the most accurate guideline. This test will let you know how many calories you are consuming to maintain your current weight. You can then figure out how many calories you want to subtract from that in order to drop weight. Many people choose to lower their intake by two hundred to five hundred calories a day.

There are also online calculators that can help a person determine how many calories would be recommended. They ask for current height and weight and activity level and then it will display calorie levels that are current to maintain weight and recommend a level to lose weight. These may be a good choice if you can’t get to a physician or certified facility that can do a more individualized test. Some of them are fairly accurate and can give a good baseline for figuring out how to determine caloric intake to lose weight.

The amount of calories to lower from your daily intake will be up to you and what you are comfortable with. Some want to start out with small amounts like two hundred calories so that it is not as difficult to stick with. It will simply take longer to lose weight. Others may choose to subtract up to five hundred calories from their daily intake for faster loss. You can also add new exercises and activities to help with the calorie burn or to simply increase results.

Exercising while on a calorie-restricted diet can help increase the speed with which weight is lost and also can help the body maintain muscle mass. Maintaining lean muscle mass is vital as body fat is dropped because it will keep the body functioning like a well-oiled machine and keep the metabolism healthy. Preserving lean muscle mass will also allow a person to have an adequate calorie level once a goal weight is maintained.

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