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How much weight can you lose with running

Running or jogging is considered the best exercise in the world. Along with walking, running helps improve cardiovascular performance. It also helps shape thighs and legs, while converting fat into lean muscle. Whether on the treadmill or around the block, how much weight can you lose with running depends on your specific regimen. While some people run or job at a brisk pace, others prefer more light exercises. No matter the pace, however, you are still guaranteed to effectively shed those unwanted pounds. In fact, you can lose up to 3 pounds a week or more if you run for 5 days out of the week.

Running and Breathing

Like other high-intensity workouts or exercises, running elevates the heart rate. This helps burn more calories and fat, while securing better breathing and respiratory functionality. The key to running, however, is to breathe while you run. While this may seem difficult, it is the best way to control your breathing and reap the optimal benefits of running. Have the right running shoes and gear is also essential. This helps put the right stride in your step, and can help you secure better balance and agility. Running also exercises nearly every bone, muscle, tendon, and joint in the body.

Running with Weights

How much weight can you lose with running can be enhanced by light weights. While the running will surely help you drop pounds and get leaner, light weights can help build muscle at the same time. These weights, of course, are not heavy but have enough to help build muscles while you run.

While mainly used for speed walking, weights are also available as Velcro accessories for the legs. This can help build stronger legs and thighs, along with helping people attain better balance and strength. Whether with or without weights, running continues to soar in global popularity. According to fitness experts and health gurus, running on a daily or regular basis can even prevent common illnesses and medical ailments.

Nutritional Guidance and Support

If looking to lose weight with running, you also have to eat right. This includes plenty of protein for lean muscle mass, along with fresh fruit and vegetables. You also have to consume plenty of water to keep the body properly hydrated. This can help with muscle recovery after an extensive workout or running regimen. Without proper nutrition, there simply is no point in running for health.

How much weight you can lose with running also depends on how long you run. As a common rule, the more you run – the more fat and calories you burn. This can speed up metabolism rates and result in faster weight loss. According to running experts, however, you should run or jog at least 30 minutes a day if you are able to. If not, simply spread these out in 15 minute intervals every other day. This should meet your fitness and weight loss goals and aspirations.

Running for Longevity

In addition to losing weight and helping people lead healthier lives, running has also been proven to help people live longer. This is because they are a living active life – which is essential in preventing laziness and dormancy. The latter results in more fat being stored, which can result in obesity and a myriad of health issues. By simply running a few times a week, you can truly enhance your health and increase your chances of living longer. The same can be said for any regular exercise or physical activity.

Running Styles

There are also several styles of running for novices and seasoned experts. The most common is simply light running, which emanates from jogging and brisk walks. Light running is a continuous activity that slowly accelerates the heart rate. The cool down periods are up to the runner and how much he or she can do. There is also interval running, which uses a combination of speed up and slow down strides. Interval running speeds up the heart at a rapid rate but that decreases with a quick cool down.

There is also backward running, which is designed to strengthen the back calves and legs. This also helps people lose weight but should only be done by more experienced and seasoned runners. If looking to lose weight and keep it off, running is simply the best exercise to achieve desired results. For more information on how much weight you can lose with running, speak to your fitness expert today.

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