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How much weight can you lose with lap band?

The reviews are mixed and are mostly from thousands of people who have had the surgery to install one and see how it helped them.

The first question is, what is lap band? Well it is a gastric tube inserted in your intestines and stomach which makes the space for food smaller, thus the logic is that you eat less and feel fuller faster. You need to see a Bariatric surgeon for the procedure and then wait to see the results!

How much weight can you lose? There are rave reviews and depressing reviews. Unfortunately, most are negative. When lap band is installed, you will be forced to eat less because if you become too full too fast, you will be vomiting the food up.

The band has different degrees of tightness which is controlled by fluid in the band and is measured by a ” cc ” measurement. Food is still absorbed through the band obviously, but the space for that food is quite constricted. Sort of like a python squeezing your food in your stomach. Yes, not a pleasant image but an apt one.

So many people, particularly women, have tried lap band. The lap band is mostly a surgery prescribed to people who are obese, or nearing that state.

Well, in the beginning you will eat far less that is for sure. Many people report having lost up to 90 lbs within their first 6 months. This weight loss can continue to up to 130 lbs. However, this band works like any other diet aid. You have to eat healthily, exercise and take care of your body. The reviews state that after a while, the weight comes straight back if you continue to eat like you did before.

So how much weight can you lose with lap band? Well, that depends on your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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