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How much weight can you lose on the Atkins diet?

Choosing to go on a diet is a decision that typically comes after a realization that a current lifestyle is not working. It may be after a significant weight gain or after finding out that a recent health check-up was unfavorable. A diet is an important health choice that will require dedication and making smart decisions regarding both food and exercise.

There are many diets that are promoted and discussed and it can sometimes be hard to pick which one will work best. Some are fad diets and others have shown great results for people. It seems the most successful ones are the ones that can be followed as a lifestyle for a long period of time. This is because it allows the weight to stay off and the body to benefit from it rather than just as a temporary way to lose weight. One of the most touted ways of eating today is the Atkins diet and it seems to be quite successful for many.

Why Choose the Atkins Diet

Many like the Atkins diet because it is a high-protein, low carbohydrate eating style. People can still choose to eat meats, dairy, and other high-protein choices. Those that find meat and dairy products delicious may want to choose this way of eating because it is sustainable. A sustainable lifestyle makes it possible to stick to the program for a long period of time in order to drop pounds and be healthier.

It does require dropping some carbohydrates from daily intake. Some carbohydrates that may be eliminated partially are completely are foods like bread, crackers, and pasta. These are known to be high carbohydrate and most people on the Atkins diet eliminate these almost completely. There are some whole grain versions of these foods that may be acceptable on the diet and may be implemented at the discretion of the dieter.

Deciding to go on the Atkins diet is often a good choice for someone that enjoys high-protein foods and can sustain that type of eating for a long period of time. It is also a good choice for those that are sensitive to carbohydrates and gain weight easily when they consume them. There are some people that gain weight much faster when eating a lot of carbs in their daily intake. Carb-sensitive people would likely do well with the Atkins diet.

Foods to Buy For the Atkins Diet

Some of the most commonly purchased foods for the Atkins diet are meats, cheeses, eggs, nuts, and protein shakes. There is a lot of variety in those categories and there are many recipes that can be found online to make this way of eating great-tasting and simple.

People even share photos of their meals and the ingredients they used and this is a smart way to get an idea of what foods to buy for the Atkins diet. Switching up menus and looking for new ways of creating dishes makes it easier to stick to this method of eating and keep everything tasting great.

How Much Weight Can You Lose On the Atkins Diet?

The question of how much weight you can lose on the atkins diet will vary on some things. It will vary on how well the diet is stuck to and how much exercise is done. Sticking to diet guidelines strictly is crucial in getting off enough weight to be satisfied. Diet guidelines are listed on the official website and in diet books that feature this particular way of eating.

The first level of the Atkins diet is called the induction. The induction is the strictest part of the diet and calls for twenty grams of carbs or less. This is often the toughest part as many people go from eating many carbs to very little. It may take the body some time to get used to lower carbohydrate eating but it will eventually become easier as each day goes by.

After the induction stage carbs can be increased some to allow for more food choices. Some find that their energy increases after the induction stage and a few more foods are allowed in the diet that consists of carbohydrates. Exercising consistently while following the Atkins diet well is what is needed for the best possible outcome and weight loss results.

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