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How much weight can a person lose in a month

If you are considering weight loss, you may be asking yourself, “how much weight can a person lose in a month?” After all, you want to lose as much as possible. The answer varies from person to person but on average, in a healthy individual who is on the right diet is doing exercise, they can lose about 2 pounds a week safely, which means that they can lose up to 10 pounds in a month.

There are many programs that promise accelerated weight loss. Be very careful about such programs because they put your health at risk. If you have to starve yourself to lose weight then you are not doing it right. Even if you lose the weight it will come back – you will binge the moment the diet is over. In addition to that, you will experience physical symptoms if you lose weight too fast. You will feel dizziness, it can affect your heart function, you will feel weak and you will also be lethargic. People who lose weight too fast also develop kidney stones.

Instead of thinking about how much weight a person can lose in a month, you should instead be thinking of the safe way to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Here is what you should do:

  • Start by writing down your goals. Why are you losing weight and how much weight do you want to lose? Knowing your goals keeps you motivated. Knowing how much you want to lose helps you to know when to stop.
  • Understand that sugar is the reason why you are overweight in the first place. It lurks in about 80% of the food we buy in supermarkets. You should clear your kitchen of all items that contain sugar. Be careful – manufacturers are now calling it all kinds of names so go online and do your research, Something as basic as ketchup contains about 15 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Now go out and buy all the right stuff. You should buy healthy proteins such as lean beef, chicken and fish and eggs. You should also buy good carbohydrates – things like sweet potatoes, brown rice, legumes and dairy products are all good carbohydrates that you can rely on to keep you healthy. Fruits and vegetables form a major part of your diet – eat at least 5 servings a day. For snacks, you should rely on fruits and nuts.

If you stay consistently with this diet and avoid sugar at all costs you will notice rapid weight loss. Your body will be forced to burn the fat that it has already stored.

Is juicing of any benefit when it comes to weight loss?

As a matter of fact it is. Juicing crushes fruits and vegetables so that the nutrients are absorbed more readily. When you juice you feel fuller which means that you eat less and the urge to snack is also reduced. Juicing has additional benefits. You are able to detox your body by juicing for a few days. A detox is important because you want to get a fresh start. You want to clean up your cells and get healthy overall.

That said, it is important that you understand how to juice for weight loss. Remember we are trying to eliminate sugar from your diet and fruits contain sugar. You should use only small portions of fruits and large portions of different kinds of vegetables. You can make a lot of juice and store for about 2 days.

It is also very important to include exercise in your weight loss program. Exercise helps you burn extra calories – you will get slimmer even faster. Make sure that you work out for at least an hour 3 times a week. You should also become more active overall – instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. Walk and cycle every opportunity you get. If you join a dancing class that is a great way to burn extra calories. As you can see, the whole idea is to engage in as much physical activity to burn off extra weight.

Lastly, in addition to a better diet and exercise you should get enough sleep – people who don’t sleep enough are at a higher risk of getting overweight.

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