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How much water to drink to lose weight fast


The question of how much water to drink to lose weight fast is a broad issue. It is not one that can get answered in one sentence or a single statement. Many underlying factors influence the answer. The good thing about losing weight with the help of water is that you do not need to go very far. The kitchen tap could be all that you need. Primarily, studies indicate that men should take around fifteen cups of water per day. Women, on the other hand, should take approximately eleven cups.

Meanwhile, it is imperative that one understands that other factors affect the number of cups one can take daily regardless of their sex. Such factors include activity level, age, weight, and environmental factors such as altitude. Due to this, some people could even find themselves losing weight comfortably by just taking two cups prior to three main meals. That adds up to around six cups per day. Numerous studies conducted with the aim of determining the relationship of water and body weight seem to reach analogous conclusions. Water should get taken thirty minutes before or after digestion. That ensures that acid concentration in the stomach is not tampered with. As a result, digestion takes place effectively, and one maintains average body weight. As indicated earlier, there are many more factors well worth consideration, as you will see below.

Tips for healthy water intake

Drink water after two-hour intervals: evenly spacing water intake ensures proper water refill in the body’s system. It also aids in the drive towards getting rid of excess water weight. People, who only drink water when thirsty, encourage their bodies to keep the water weight. Some studies even go to as far as listing urine color and what those colors mean in terms of water requirements. Dark yellow-colored urine is said to be an indicator of low water levels in the body. Light-colored urine, on the other hand, reassures that you have proper water intake. It is even advised that where possible, you can take water as soon as you come out of the washrooms.

Make your water tasty: some people justify their low water intake with the fact that water is tasteless. Well, you can add some flavors and get the same results as those who use unflavored water. Nonetheless, you ought to be cautious for there are some fake sugar flavors on the market. That would lead to a craving for sugar and result in achieving contrary results. To avoid this, use effervescent electrolytes. Mineral water, that comes naturally flavored is also highly advisable.

Take green iced tea occasionally: the reason why taking green iced tea is recommended is the fact that it has antioxidants and flavonoids. These boost one’s metabolism during water intake. It is quite easy to prepare. All you need is boil water for the tea making and some ice. Once you are done making the tea, pour it over a glass of ice. However, avoid adding sweeteners to the tea as this would lead to anti-weight loss results.

Take carbonated water: also referred to as sparkling water, it serves those with soda cravings quite well. Nevertheless, if you are on a low-sodium diet, take note of the sodium levels in your carbonated water. High levels would lead to unwanted results and hamper the weight loss process.

Add fruits to your water: the process involves adding freshly cut slices of fruit into the water. Recommended fruits include watermelon, oranges, grapes, and raspberries. To obtain the desired zesty flavor, leave the mixture in the fridge for some time. Do not extend the wait for too long so as not to saturate the water with unwanted organic chemicals. You can even consume the fruits directly. A fruit such as a watermelon has 92% water and around 6% sugars. Other fruits with high water content and ready for direct consumption include grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries.


Now that you know how much water to drink to lose weight fast, you are well equipped to lose as much weight as you desire. With the helpful tips suggested, even those who loathe the taste of water hitting their taste buds have their way around it. Therefore, all you have to do is follow the guidelines and take just the amount that your body needs. Excessive intake could translate into unwanted results.

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