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How much to eat to lose weight

Watching how much you eat is crucial to losing weight, whether you want to cut 5 kgs or 10 kgs in a specific period of time.

However in this endeavor the main issue is on, determining how much to eat to lose weight. Weight gain is caused by a high amount of calories in the body.

To lose weight you need to control calories intake from carbs, proteins and fats. If you are in this dilemma, below are some tentative appropriations on how much to eat to lose weight.

Amounts to eat to lose weight

  1. Calories. The amount of calories you eat should be less than the amount of calories your body burns so as to lose weight. Experts recommend that men should consume 1800calories a day and women should eat 1200 calories a day in order to lose weight. In a nutshell women should take 300 calorie meals and 300 calories snacks a day and men should eat 450 calorie meals each, and snacks adding up to 450 calories.
  2. Carbs. A low carb diet will most certainly reduce your weight. However the question still remains, to lose weight how many carbs a day should you include in your diet? After extensive research, nutrition scientists recommend that you should average your daily carb intake to 130 grams.
  3. Fats. Still on how much to eat to lose weight your fat intake should be 22 to 39 grams of fat while on a 1,000 calorie diet, approximately 31 to 54 grams of fat when taking 1,400 calories, 27 to 47 grams of fat consuming a 1,200-calorie diet plan, and 36 to 62 grams of fat a day when on a 1,600-calorie diet so as to lose weight.

Do not be tempted to eat less than the recommended portions as this can be unhealthy and counterproductive!

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