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How much protein should a woman eat to lose weight?

Losing weight is an all-round ordeal, most women when looking to lose weight only reduce on the carbs they take but proteins too play a crucial role if you are to lose the extra pounds. As for proteins they work in an opposite way with other diets. Instead of reducing on them, a woman should eat more protein than her daily requirement so as to lose weight. A woman’s daily protein requirement is 46 grams which is 10% the daily calorie requirement. Looking at it from a new dimension, embarking on a protein diet helps you reduce your hunger frequencies which will assist you to lose weight. While starting on a protein diet begin by gradually adding portions of protein to your daily meals. Boost the amount as time passes until you have surpassed your minimum requirement.

However the dilemma remains on how much protein a woman should eat to lose weight. Nutritionists recommend advise a protein intake between ½ -1 gram of protein for each pound of your total body weight. That translates to approximately to amounts ranging between 70 grams and 140 grams every 24hours for a woman weighing 140 pounds. If you are quite active, round off that to the higher side however if you are trying to lose weight skew to the low end. If you are aiming to maintain your current weight, aim for a protein amount at around 130 grams.

On balancing out the amount target to take at minimum 30 of those grams at your breakfast meal which is approximately what you can acquire from two eggs and a cup of cheese. If you take early dinner as recommended for women who want to lose weight there is a possibility that your body will be in need of protein in the morning as it may be ‘eating on’ muscle for fuel, don’t miss out on the chance to pump up the protein you require in the morning. In addition, research has revealed that a protein rich diet regulates appetite during the day which controls your eating making you lose weight.

In the same endeavor to determine how much protein you should eat as a woman to lose weight, it is important to note that not all proteins are equal in terms of nutrition. Note that vegetables, nuts and whole grains, do not have the nine amino acids that your body requires so as to build and develop lean muscle. Those proteins that have these amino acids are called complete proteins and they are present in animal products. To lose weight aim at eating, seafood, low-fat dairy, skinless white chicken, lean beef and tenderloin. Complete proteins have 1 – 3grams of fat for every 50 calories. Taking this discussion further let us look at individual protein foods and how you can use them to surpass your daily requirement of 46 grams so as to lose weight.

  1. Protein Powder, A 4.5 tablespoons of protein powder gives you 16 grams of protein
    Keep your can of protein powder at an arm’s reach for a fast protein top up during the day.
  2. Energy Bars, one energy bar is equivalent to 10 to 12 grams of protein. Visit your nearest nutritionist and get yourself some protein energy bars to boost your daily protein intake.
  3. Boiled Eggs, 1 boiled egg contains 6 grams of protein, eggs are readily available hence you can easily use them to surpass your daily minimum requirement and lose weight. While buying eggs, buy from dealers who feed their chicken with organic grain since their eggs have at least 10 times more vitamin E than those from chicken fed with convectional feeds.
  4. Cheese, a stick of cheese contains 8 grams of protein, you can use cheese to limit your appetite by eating it with fruits for example an apple. Cheese is readily available and is an efficient protein source. Use it to surpass your daily target and lose weight.

Proteins are a good area to focus on while aspiring to lose weight however they require a good balancing with carbs, a high protein intake balanced out with a low carb intake can tone your body to your dream specifications.

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