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How many Cal should you eat to lose weight

A low Cal diet will most certainly reduce your weight. However the question still remains, how many Cal should you take to lose weight. Nutritionists have widely researched on the matter and they recommend that individuals should subtract 500 calories from their daily calorie requirement. Cumulatively this is around 3500 calories a week. Burning 3500 Cal is enough to lose one pound of fat. for better understanding, let’s review how much Cal you get in a day and how you can limit excessive Cal   intake.

How many Cal you require

Research reveales that over 60% of the total daily calorie intake is from carbohydrates.  Averagely an adult will consume around 52% of calories from carbohydrates. This translates to 2161 calories, which is tentatively your daily calorie requirement. In order to lose weight you need to reduce on this amount by reducing your intake of junk food.

Remember junk food has high content of number of Cals which translates to weight gain. Alternatively inject some fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables contain Cals and fibre hence using them as a source of Cals will not result to weight gain. Fibre rich foods can help you lower your carb intake 2161 Cal a day since they reduce the frequency at which you feel hungry during the day.

It is important to remember that sugary foods have high carb content too, do not make the mistake of cutting down on carbs and not reducing your sugar intake as this will give you zero results in your endeavor to lose weight. To reduce the 2161 Cal threshold you need to cut down on your daily sugars, avoid soft drinks, sweets, ice cream and other readily available sugary foods you may be tempted to consume.

Despite the believes of many calorie intake can be controlled, best by watching what you eat. With this info you can now control you’re your Cal intake at an healthy average.

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