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How do you lose water weight fast?

Water weight loss is the fastest way to shed off that stubborn weight within a short period of time. Water  retention is as a result of the response the body gives to change in hormones, environment disease or exercise. The body retains water for several reasons, some of them being high sodium intake, and dehydration which brings about storage of subcutaneous fluids in the body cells. The cells sometimes make the skin puffy, bloated and hide muscles definition.  Unless the water weight is as a result of underlying diseases such as painful limbs and stiffness; it can be controlled through healthy diet, exercise and adaption of preventative habits.

Adapt a healthy Diet

Sodium causes the body to retain water and hold it in the tissues. Some processed foods such as cheese, chips, cereals, canned foods, frozen foods should be avoided since they contain high concentration of Sodium. Instead foods such as beets, sweet potatoes, oranges, coconut water, figs, apricots, bananas should be included in the diet as they help absorb and reduce sodium.

Not taking coffee can leave the body feeling fatigued an alternative is to take parsley tea. Parsley contains antioxidants which work as a catalyst to reduce water weight. Parsley tea keeps the system active and prevents the body from the danger of becoming dehydrated.

Herbs such as Ginger, garlic, parsley, fennel serve as a great source of antioxidants. Consuming these herbs helps the body evaporate excess water and the body does not become dehydrated.

When the body loses water weight, it becomes freckled and wrinkled. Salmon counters water weight balance leaving the skin hydrated.

Drinking rose petal water every morning on an empty stomach reduces the amount of water in the circulatory system by drawing water from the blood system. Simply put rose petals in a pan, cover with distilled water and simmer for about 15 – 20 minutes until the petals lose their colour, strain and drink ½ cup.

Consume protein as it contributes to muscle building which helps raise the body’s metabolism rate and burn fat. Foods rich in fiber boost the efficiency of the digestive tract and this plays a huge role in weight loss process.  Reduce the intake of sugar including sweet drinks to decrease fat storage.

Increase Water intake

Strange it may seem that drinking water will help in shedding the water weight, but increased water consumption improves metabolism and functions of the body organs, flush out chemicals that may cause water retention in the body. Sometimes plain water can be boring to consume, adding something with a little more taste in the diet can help you take the recommended amount of water.

These include hot or iced herbal tea, water with lemon, lime or cucumber. Take at least two spoons of apple cider to maintain the potassium level in the body. Drink cabbage juice, add some yoghurt and little pepper and take in the morning to decrease the speed of water absorption. Tomato and watermelon also eliminates water quickly.


Cardiac exercises and sit-ups increase the heartbeat and warm up the body which helps trim down water weight faster. Cardiac exercises include walking, treadmill among others which can see the body lose more water overnight. It is therefore advisable to do the exercises in the morning and at night before sleep as it speeds up reduction of water weight process. Sit-ups require one to observe the sitting and standing posture.

Stand straight with spine erect all the time, this streamlines water flow to every part of the body. Squats and sit-ups not only help in cutting down water weight but also helps in toning up the muscles. Simple acupressure exercise which involves applying pressure to the area under  the belly, knee bone bulge, inside anklebone and at the back of shinbone inner border not only reduce water from the body but also regulates its flow to the body organs.

Most people sleep for only 5 to 6 hours; for anyone who wishes to cut down water weight then it is recommended to sleep for extra 30 minutes in order to help the body gain energy to perform workouts which help in decreasing weight.

The faster the results become visible depend on individuals. Some people achieve the results in a few days or weeks while others it may take a little longer.

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