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How can you lose water weight?

Water weight is the excess water that is stored in your body. It can be stored in your toes, face and fingers.  Water weight is short term and should not be thought to be chronic, chronic water retention in the body is due to disease. You may be wondering how you can lose water weight accumulated in your body. Below are some of the ways you can lose water weight efficiently.

  1. Control your average sodium consumption, sodium is a direct causative agent of water weight. A high presence of sodium in the body interferes with how your kidneys balance water in your body. To counter this scientists recommend that you should not consume more than 1500g of sodium daily in lay man terms this is one and a half table spoons of salt. Still on sodium, keep off processed food as they contain swelling levels of sodium, choose fresh foods over frozen ones to limit your daily sodium intake.
  2. Increase your potassium intake; foods rich in potassium will help you lose water weight fast. Potassium as a mineral salt is essential in fluid balance in the body. Foods that are potassium rich include fruits such as bananas, oranges and mangoes. Vegetables too are a high source of potassium.
  3. Include fiber in your diet, adequate fiber in the body helps you avoid situation of bloating and high water retention. Eating more fruits and cereals can help you raise your daily fibre intake and reduce instances of water retention in your body.
  4. Reduce your daily carbs intake; healthy carb intake is set at 130 grams per day. Carbs are used by the body as immediate energy, the rest are stored in the body as glycogen. The more the glycogen in your body the more the water it will come with, causing weight gain. Foods rich in carbohydrates that you should avoid include white rice and white bread.

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