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How can a woman lose weight fast

How can a woman lose weight fast? Well it really comes down to this: Eat less, exercise more. If you can burn 500 calories a day you can lose between 1-2 pounds a week. So how can a woman lose weight fast? Follow these tips and be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Minimize some foods which keep the weight on

If you can cut back on the starches, refined sugars and animal fats in dairy and meat you can really help cut those 500 calories a day. Rather stick to whole grain starches for one. They fill you up, provide your body with the energy it needs but they also have a low GI content which means you will have energy for longer and therefore need to eat less of them. Refined sugars are a big no no.

These are found in white breads, pastries and foods like chips and fast food. These turn to fat quickly if not burned off immediately. That is not to say cut out all sugar. A small bar of chocolate is fine, especially dark chocolate.

In terms of meat you want toeat lean meats like fish, chicken ( without the skin ) and pork. And try to roast or microwave these instead of deep frying them. In terms of dairy, look for low fat to fat free dairy products such as Greek yogurt. Good for you without adding on the calories. So you want to know how can a woman lose weight fast? Follow these diet tips.

Exercise, exercise and exercise

How can a woman lose fat fast? Buy increasing exercise. If you do more exercise, especially cardio you will see results. Try for at least an hour of exercise a day about 5 days a week. If you can do some high intensity bursts in between, so much the better. This will boost your metabolism and help burn fat long after you have finished exercising.

So how can a woman burn wight fast? Follow these tips and see results!

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