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Hair wash, step by step guide how to wash hair

To start with, some people have stunning hair, and they do little to maintain that look. However, some people’s hair needs a lot of maintenance to get that ‘dream look’. Since there is a perception that healthy hair is a sign of good health, you cannot afford to live carefree when it comes to hair. Remember, the first impression is paramount and hair without a doubt gets heavily linked to that first impression.

Fortunately, the secret behind getting that ‘killer look’ is well within your means. First, it is imperative that you admit you might not know how wash your hair properly. By acknowledging that fact, you will be willing to learn especially since this piece seeks to teach you how to clean your hair. Read on for guidelines on how to wash your hair among other valuable hair maintenance tips.

Procedural ways of cleaning your hair for the best results

  • Comb your hair often: this might sound obvious, but hair needs a lot of combing. Combing removes dirt and plenty of dead cells. As a result, you will not struggle much during the shampooing process, since you will have gotten rid of most of the dirt. Again, combing alone makes you look great, and it takes petite effort.
  • Soak your hair properly: many people do not know this; you should not use hot water in soaking your hair. Reason being, it leaves your scalp dry, and it may lead to a dandruff problem or worsen it if you already have one. Even when using the cold water, make sure it runs low for proper soaking and to avoid wastage.
  • Shampoo: using shampoo is not all it takes; there is the question of whether you are using it right or not. For the best results, pour a little amount of shampoo into your palms and dilute it with water. You should then apply it exhaustively and massage until there is foam. To avoid twisting, do not rub the top part with your palms. Correspondingly, do not use your fingernails in the rubbing process strictly use your fingertips. To avoid irritation, the shampoo should only remain in contact for a minute or less.
  • Washing of the shampoo: you may wonder why this part has its segment. Here is why, rinsing off the shampoo is as important as applying it. When it comes to rinsing the shampoo, do it to completion. Any leftover shampoo could easily damage your hair as it destroys the roots by making them dry out.
  • Reapply the shampoo: some people prefer to apply the shampoo only once. Nonetheless, a second use works wonders as it helps in determining if your hair is indeed clean. If during the second application foam forms without much effort, then your scalp is clean. If that is not the case, massage your hair once again and repeat the wash-off procedure as described above.

Post hair washing tips

  • Conditioning: cleaning plays a significant role but that is not all. Applying a conditioner is a critical part of the process. Take care, though; use a conditioner of the same brand as your shampoo. Mixing brands could lead to adverse effects. Apply the conditioner beginning from the root up to the tips of your hair. You can leave the scalp out as it produces its natural oil. Do not leave the conditioner on for too long before rinsing it off.
  • Wash off the conditioner: like for the shampoo, any leftover conditioner is equally dangerous. Use cold water while at it for it helps close the pores of your scalp and that leaves a shiny scalp.
  • Drying: unless you are in a hurry or if it is an emergency, avoid using a dryer. Hot air does not augur well with hair. Even when using a towel, do not rub it vigorously. A simple pat leaving the towel to absorb the water does just fine.
  • Combing your hair: combing should come after the hair dries up completely. If you comb when it is still wet, you risk a lot of hair loss. You should also do it moderately to avoid hurting your scalp.

The do nots of hair washing

  • Do not wash daily: constant washing means that the oils from the scalp do not reach the tips of the hair. It worsens dandruff problems and makes the hair weak.
  • Do not use excessive shampoo and conditioners: too much shampoo or conditioner does not necessarily lead to better results. In any case, it could lead into the exact opposite of the expected. Using more than required also leads to wastage and you will find yourself shopping for more shampoo and conditioner quite often.
  • Do not skip conditioning: for that final kick and glowing look, conditioning is necessary. People who avoid it risk increased breakage.
  • Do not take sweltering showers: while warm water opens the pores leading to an oily look, cold water, on the other hand, closes them. Meanwhile, hot water damages the hair as it makes it look unhealthy and dry.

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